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3D Rally Racing Instructions

If you have played car games before... maybe parking or racing games, the controls and mechanics of 3D Rally Racing should be very familiar to you and easy to get a hold of. For just about everything, you will use your keyboard's directional / arrow keys: (1) To move forward, press the up arrow key and hold it down to accelerate. (2) Step on the brakes and put your vehicle to a total stop by pressing the down directional key. Hold it down to go reverse. (3) And lastly, as for steering, you need to use the left and right arrow keys (in conjunction with the up and down arrow keys) to steer to whichever direction you want to go. To get the game rolling, just select Play from the game's menu. From there, you will be taken to the track selection. All in all, there are 5 tracks to choose from. HOWEVER, only the first 2 are unlocked - the desert and snow tracks. To unlock and play on the rest of the tracks, you need to NOT just finish the first two tracks BUT you also need to finish in top place. Once you are done choosing your track, it's time to pick your car - do you want to set the road on fire with your Toyota Celica? What about driving an American car - a Ford Focus? Just take your pic, grab which color you want (it doesn't really affect the performance), and go race! Alright, now that we are done with the controls and the basic mechanics, let's check out the game.

3D Rally Racing Walkthrough

3D Rally Racing - OK, let's not sugar coat it, this car game isn't really special. There's nothing spectacular about it as far as I'm concerned. The controls are very common and made simple (nothing fancy or complicated), and the game's mechanics can be understood even by an eight year old kid who plays the game. HOWEVER, if you are being bored to death and can't seem to find anything to do, and if you like car games, 3D Rally Racing should cut it. If you have played 3D car games before in older consoles from Nintendo, Sega, and the like, the feel and looks of this game should be very familiar to you. The design and graphics - well, just like the game itself, they are not strikingly detailed or amazing and jaw dropping. Nah, far from it. BUT they are more than enough to deliver quite a nice looking car game... more than decent for a FREE and flash based car game and definitely a cut above the rest of most car games out there which feels like remote elements were hurriedly patched to create a 'new' game.

A Little Bit About The Cars: OK, you don't have a lot of options here. Either you pick the Toyota Celica or the Ford Focus. Giving a quick glance the statistics of both cars, the Ford Focus is better than the Celica when it comes to the Top Speed department. If you are someone who has played car games for quite some time now and now what you are doing, I'd suggest you go for the Ford Focus, which would deliver better results in terms of speed. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, the Top Speed wouldn't matter much because you won't reach it anyway if you can't handle your car well. With that in mind, I'd recommend that you settle for the Toyota Celica - it comes with better and easier handling, and it also has higher acceleration rate than its Ford counterpart... although it lags behind in the top speed department.

One Minor Quibble: While almost everything about this game is OK, there is one minor quibble I would like to point out: the design of the tracks while you are in game. I don't know it its my eyes or what BUT I can't seem to see where the path or track in front of me is turning or leading to: should I turn left or right? By the time I find out, I'm already off the track... and into the dirt, which slows my speed tremendously. If they could fix this part, 3D Rally Racing would be an A-OK car game.