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Big Pixel Racing Instructions

Big Pixel Racing - well, the controls of this game is very typical to car games - up arrow key for forward and acceleration, left and right arrow keys for steering, and down for slowing down and reverse. Now there are items - weapons and boosts, that are scattered along the way. Just hit the X key for using those weapons and Z for the speed boost. Alternatively, you can use the WADS keys for driving and L or K button for using items and boosts. If you need to consult the map, then just press the M key to toggle it on or off. And if you ever need to enter races, shops, and skip through the game right away and past the story, the space bar is the key to press. Sounds easy? The controls yeah, BUT the game is MORE than just easy and straightforward controls!

Big Pixel Racing Walkthrough

If you are someone who wished that there are car games that combine the free roaming style of Grand Theft Auto together with the vehicular destruction found in games like Mario Kart, Kart Rider, etc., then here's a treat: the guys at Big Pixel Studios have made your dreams come true!

And to make things even sweeter, they even tossed in the Nintendo-style graphics! Welcome to Big Pixel Racing. The name is very apt since the game uses big pixels for the graphics, very retro and brings back memories of childhood.

Here's the story: your brother has been kidnapped by Big Dog and you need to pay him up to save your brother. How do you get the much needed dough? Win races! Each race comes with 3 levels of difficulty and you need to get the first, second, or third place to move on to the next level and earn cash. After that, you need to go head to head against Big Dog himself!

After each level of difficulty, your opponents get harder and harder to beat. BUT don't worry! True to the Grand Theft Auto spirit, which is possibly an inspiration for this game, there are weapons and speed boosts scattered around the map. These are contained within yellow or red boxes. Use them strategically to leave your opponents behind and coughing on the dust (X for the speed boost and Z for the weapons). Remember, you cannot settle for anything less than the first 3 places if you want to earn cash.

Another thing I really like about the game is that it auto saves after every race. This means you can easily come back where you left off. Believe me, you're going to need it. It can easily take hours...LONG hours to play this. Not to mention it's one of the MOST addictive car games around.

Shop for weird items like Sushi and Fuzzy Dice to improve your car's speed and performance.

All in all, Big Pixel Racing is an amazing and excellent attempt at a fun browser based car game. Whether you love car games or not, the game is fun enough to keep you going where your fingers and reflexes usually can't - to the race tracks. Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and save your bro!