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Bullet Car Instructions

Press space to transform the regular car into the bullet car and then space again to change back.

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Bullet Car is a car game unlike any of the other car games online. Its real strength lies in how incredibly unique it is. In the world on online car games it can be difficult to find a way to offer something different, but this game does it and it does it well. It's not a racing game. It's not a parking game. It is a pure car game that any fan of the genre is going to absolutely love. The goal of the game couldn't be easier to understand. You need to do everything you can to build the biggest chain possible to rack up the biggest possible score. Pretty simple. The complexity of the game comes into play when you encounter gates and fences that will damage your car if you hit them. This is also where the bullet car comes into play.

As the name suggests, the bullet car is really the selling point of the game. You'll use this feature to not only give your car a huge speed boost which allows you to cover more ground but also to smash through those gates and fences without doing any damage to your car. If your car takes too much damage, your game is over. The hardest thing to remember about this game is that, unlike most of the other car games online, you have very little control over the movement of your car. It constantly moves forward. You can't steer left or right. You can't move in reverse. You can't jump or lean forward or backward to balance your car. Instead, you can only use the bullet car to bust through obstacles or jump over gaps. This can actually make the game surprisingly difficult until you get the hang of what you're being asked to do. With that said, newcomers to car games are going to have a hard time getting the hang of it but so too will more experienced players. It's not a typical game so it's going to take a while to get out of the habits you build with typical games.

There are three types of bonuses you can collect with Bullet Car and all three are important in determining how well you will do in the game. The gas can bonus boosts your chain score which helps you rack up the points pretty quickly to build a decent score. The NOX canister bonuses increase your speed enabling you to cover far more ground and score a better distance bonus. The 'plus' bonus helps replenish health which has obvious benefits for extending your game. Collecting as many bonuses as you can is the best way to get an awesome score in this game. The bonuses appear frequently and are spread throughout the game but they can be pretty difficult to collect in 'bullet car' mode. When your car is a bullet it sort of moves like a bullet - fast and nearly completely straight ahead. This often means you're in the air instead of on the land which makes collecting bonuses typically just above the terrain difficult. You really want to be using your regular car as much as possible to get those bonus items.

In Bullet Car you want to use your regular car for the bulk of the level so you can collect bonuses. Your score at the end is based on three basic factors; droids, time and chains. Droids are the annoying flying vehicles that sometimes hover around your car. You can destroy them in bullet mode to earn points. It's important to remember that you do need to be in bullet mode to destroy them. The longer you are able to go without destroying your vehicle, the better your time bonus will be. Finally, the bigger your chain is, the better your chain bonus will be. Remember, those gas can bonuses boost your chain score. All of those factors combine to give your overall score. As you progress, you'll get better and earn better scores but those bonuses are important so don't ignore them. You'll also unlock new game modes as you play. They get increasingly more difficult but are never any harder to understand that the basic game mode. They're all a lot of fun so strive to unlock them and give them a try.

Bullet Car also offers achievements, something not terribly uncommon in the world of online car games but also something that are often appreciated by fans. With a game as simple as this one, achievements give the game that little something extra. The achievements in this game range from simple ("hit a 50 chain", "smash 100 boxes") to difficult ("200% health", "destroy 20 droids") but they all help boost the score and give you a reason to keep playing. They give you something to strive for beyond a good score which is part of the reason this game is so incredibly addictive. It's a good idea to take a few runs through the levels before you start trying for achievements so you can get used to how the game is played. If you just jump right in trying for achievements, you might miss the finer points of how the game is played and that definitely won't help you reach your goals.

The best way to do well in Bullet Car is all about how you approach the game. You need to understand that this isn't a typical car game and that typical car game rules don't apply. You'll need to switch to 'bullet car' and back again quite often in the game if you want to avoid taking damage to your car and still get the bonuses you need. Fortunately, it takes no time at all to transition between the two cars so you don't really need a lot of time to prepare. It is, however, a good idea to watch the terrain in front of you. If you see a gate coming up, try to time your transition so you can destroy the gate and then immediately transition back to your regular car unless there are a row of gates or fences to destroy. This way, you won't miss a lot of bonuses and you'll prevent damage to your car.

Overall, Bullet Car is the kind of car game fans of the genre will love. It's unique and fairly uncomplicated as far as the rules of the game go but it's still difficult enough to offer a decent challenge and keep players playing. It's worth mentioning that before beginning a new game, you're shown the rules but, at the top of the game screen (just below the title) you're also offered a tip that will help you out in the game. From informing you that the red arrows you sometimes see during game play indicate upcoming spikes from tips for how to get additional, in game bonuses, there are a lot of great tips there so make sure you keep an eye out for this. This is just a great game from top to bottom with entertaining graphics and a premise that makes it stand out from all of the other car games online. Be sure to check this one out.