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When it comes to controls, there's nothing complicated or fancy about this car game... it's just like other car games out there where, for the most part and for basic movement, you need to use your keyboard's arrow keys to drive around the parking lot, find the correct parking space, and move out of harm's way... dodging obstacles and road hazards: (1) Use the up arrow key to drive forward and accelerate by holding it down. (2) The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, is for steering your vehicle on either direction. (3) And last BUT not the least, the down arrow key is for braking. Hold it down for reverse. With trolleys, cars parked poorly, and other obstacles you will encounter along the way, you may be tempted to inch your way like a slug to the parking space. Do NOT do that. There's a time limit in every level... and slowing down like you are in the moon is a surefire way to lose the game. Anyway, now that we have taken care of the easy part, let's get to the harder one - which is actually playing the game!

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Giving the game a quick glance, there seems to be nothing worth writing home about Car Park Challenge. Same controls, same mechanics... the only thing that seems to set it apart from the rest of the car games out there is the fact that it's used by NRMA Insurance for promotion, and that it sheds some nice facts about collision and car accidents. I, for one, didn't know that out of 7 collisions that occur, one of them occurs in car parking areas at the very least! HOWEVER, giving it a closer and more detailed look, I was glad to discover that this is one of those parking and car games that are in touch with reality as you will see.

If you have played parking and car games before, the goal of the game should sound familiar: you are driving a car that needs to be parked. There's a ticking clock that you need to beat (you are given a minute to park that car or it's back to square one). And to top it off, you have to get the job done without damaging your vehicle. This is pretty challenging as there are A LOT of obstacles along the way - you will find trolleys that are mysteriously moving on their own, islands and road humps, terribly parked cars and those are just to name a few. With 10 levels that are increasing in difficulty, it's easy to find yourself spending quite a lot of time in an effort to reach the finish. Beyond that, though, this game doesn't offer a lot in terms of replay value as the stages are pretty much the same. Once you figure out what to do, how to do it, and timing it well, it should be a piece of cake the next time around.

One of the things I really like about it is that, like in real life, a single bump or scratch won't send your vehicle crashing and burning. That's one thing I hate about most parking and car games out there. Once you slightly bump into just about anything - another vehicle, wall, or even a jello scattered on the ground, your four wheel drive goes BOOM. Smoke comes out of it and it's game over. It's a 'nice' way of ruining your effort. HOWEVER, that is NOT to say that you can be careless with your driving... unless you want the repair costs sucking your pocket dry. The way NRMA integrated advertising in this game is quite good and educational too. Using the data they got from earlier records and research, you will be given an estimate how much your repairs would cost. What do you get out of it? If anything, at least you walk away knowing something new.

Coming at you with 10 levels, showcasing nice graphics, and comes with some nice to know facts - this is a parking and car game that I would gladly recommend to the fans of the genre!