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Carbon Auto Theft Instructions

As far as controls go, Carbon Auto Theft is very typical compared to other racing and online car games - your directional keys would do most of the work. Hit the up button for moving forward and acceleration, down directional key for reverse, left and right button for steering. Nothing really fancy or complicated as far as controls go - BUT let me tell you this, the game is pretty advanced!

Carbon Auto Theft Walkthrough

If you are looking for addictive and fun car games, Carbon Auto Theft is a game you should check out. HOWEVER, I don't think this game is meant for kids. Here's the premise: you are already the most famous and best car stealer in your country. BUT can you be the best in the whole world where security is very much tighter?

Stealing isn't good - whether it's something as big as a car or as small as 3 bucks. If your kids are going to play this car game, you better let them know that whatever it is they do in the game MUST NOT be done in real life. OK, with that taken care of, let's see what made this game fun to play.

Well, for one thing, the fact that your objective is to become the best car thief and the whole game revolves around that makes it really exciting. BUT don't get too happy and giddy. Just like in real life, stealing cars needs skills (which I don't have...not that I'm planning to steal one). You need to be quick, stealthy, and cool headed - and if you lack one of these qualities, you would hardly make it past the second stage. Unfortunately for me, I didn't.

First off, you need to unlock the car. This is the easier part. You will be presented with a code composed of arrows - just use your arrow keys and you should be good to go. Remember, you only have 10 seconds to get this part done. Next, you need to drive the car out of the parking lot. This is the trickier part as the parking lot is cluttered or the car is parked somewhere where you need to wriggle your way out...where only missing by an inch means getting caught.

Do NOT bump into anything - car, people, concrete islands, and everything else in between. Make the mistake of doing so and the cops will be alerted. You're busted! And being busted means starting from square one.

I don't know about you BUT this is one of the MORE advanced car games out there - it has the elements of parking games...and parking games, just so you know, are one of the MOST difficult genres in car games.

If you think your driving and maneuvering skills are pretty advanced, give this game a shot. I'm sure you will love it. As for me, I think I need a lot of practice before I can get past the second stage. And remember, don't try it at home!