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City Drifters Instructions

City Drifters is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up arrow key to accelerate, and the down arrow key to brake. The spacebar is used to activate your nitro boost and the enter key switches the camera view.

City Drifters Walkthrough

City Drifters is a three-dimensional Shockwave racing game similar to the classic arcade racing game, Daytona USA (although it lacks the catchy music by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi). This car game features impressive graphics, simple controls, and thrilling gameplay!

City Drifters has two modes of gameplay: Race and Time Trial. The objective of Race Mode is to place first in a race against eight computer-controlled racers. The objective of Time Trial mode is to drive one lap around the course as quickly as possible. Time Trial Mode is also a good way to practice driving in this racing game without having to worry about computer-controlled competitors getting in your way. If you are having difficulty navigating the track, you may want to watch the computer play first by selecting the Demo option on the main menu before playing yourself.

City Drifters uses a standard set of keyboard controls. By default, the left and right arrow keys steer your car while the up and down arrow keys accelerate and brake respectively. Holding the spacebar activates your nitro booster. Your supply of nitrous oxide is limited (as indicated by the small gauge at the bottom of the screen), but will slowly regenerate over time. Pressing the enter key will switch the camera view. If you wish to remap these controls, you may do so by selecting the "Define Keys" option on the main menu.

City Drifters is an excellent racing game, but it is not perfect. Shockwave runs 3D graphics smoother than Flash does, but slower machines may still face some hiccups, especially at the beginning of races. There is no overhead map of the racing course, so first-time players may get lost when navigating the course. Finally, there is only one track to race on in this car game, which is a severe hit to its replay value.

City Drifters is a must-play game for fans of 3D racing. Since this racing game only has one track, it may not have you coming back for more, but you will still have a great time when you need a racing fix!