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Coaster Racer Instructions

If you are someone who has played racing and car games before, the controls of Coaster Racer shouldn't be surprising... it's a piece of cake to pick up and learn like the back of your hand. For just about everything, you will use your computer's keyboard: for basic movement, you will use the standard up, down, left, and right arrow keys. HOWEVER, if, like me, you find using the arrow keys quite awkward, you can go for the alternate movement controls: the W, A, S, and D keys. So you find yourself lagging behind the race? Need something to throw you back in the race? No biggie. Press the Nitro button and you will get that boost of speed that you need. This is done by pressing N or X, whichever works better for you. HOWEVER, be reminded that it takes time to get your Nitro fully charged. On the other hand, if you are having a great time and want to pull off something awesome, you can do a Freestyle. Not only will this add more excitement to your driving BUT it will also multiply your score. To do a freestyle, press either the M or Z button. But be warned: when you pull off a freestyle, your player takes his hands off the wheel and he cannot steer!

Coaster Racer Walkthrough

Picture this: your car picks up speed while climbing up the rickety wooden track... you hear that ominous clicking as you rise higher and higher above the ground. Once you hit the highest spot of the track, you raise your hands up, anticipating that precarious drop that brings chills up and down your spine. Then the clicking slows down and stop... there you are. You are almost there. Quickly, you reach for the nitro button for that dive bringing your car's speed at the road blazing 170 kilometers per hour. Due to great speed, everything around you seems like a hazy vision. This is what you want! BUT wait, there's a gap coming. Are you fast enough to get past it and jump in time?

Man, if only I can do that in real life. If you are like me who can only wish for it, no biggie. We can still have the next BIG thing - Coast Racer. If you are looking for fun car games that showcases smooth controls, fantastic visuals (the best that Flash technology can offer), and more, this game should be in your list. What I really like about the game is that you really get a sense of speed while you are setting the courses on fire. For one thing, you get those handy blur effects when you hit the nitro button... it does a good job of enhancing the experience further. Along with that, some of the tracks are REALLY tricky that even the most seasoned car games enthusiasts will find it challenging. If you fall off or hit the sides, it's impossible to catch and you will be left inhaling the dust of other players as they pass you by at blazing speeds. BUT worry not, with some practice, the course will help you predict when you need to hit the brakes or just let the speed take over so you get through the course without a scratch.

The objective of the game is very straightforward: you need to race for pole position. You want to finish in the qualifying position so you can unlock the up and coming tracks. Upgrades also play a vital role here. With that in mind, you don't want cash to just sit there. Use them to turn your car into a mechanical speed demon that will win you cash prizes, which you can use again for upgrades... just rinse and repeat. Oh! And one last reminder, your vehicle will sustain some damage especially if you are just starting out. Damaged vehicles will earn less depending on how much it took. Don't forget to repair your vehicle in the upgrade screen.

Summing it up, this is a one of a kind car game that racing and car games fans mustn't miss.