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Coaster Racer 2 Instructions

The controls of Coaster Racer 2 aren't too different from other car games out there. You need to use the arrow keys for basic movement: (1) Press up arrow key to drive forward and accelerate. (2) Use the left and right arrow keys for steering in either direction. (3) Press the down arrow key to step on the brakes. HOWEVER, if you find using the arrow keys to be a little uncomfortable, you can always go to the controls section at the start of the game and tweak it from there. Personally, I prefer using the W, A, S, and D buttons for basic movement. Also, I use the F button as my nitro and G to raise my hands up while setting the road on fire. With the basic controls taken care of, let's get to the game.

Coaster Racer 2 Walkthrough

Filled with exciting races from start to finish, Coaster Racer 2 is one of those car games that will surely drive you nuts and inject you with PURE doses of excitement from start to finish. This second installment in the Coaster Racer series contains all of the niceties that the original game has plus a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Just like most racing games out there, the objective is as straightforward as it could get: you need to get to the finish line, finish first, and grab as much cash as you can. HOWEVER, getting there is a different story. Not only is it challenging, it's as exciting as it could get, too. The race tracks have been designed to 'flirt with disaster'. Usually, the races are located at wooden bridges, which are suspended in mid air. Moreover, there are spots in the race track where the bridge lacks a protective fence... and a slight dash to the wrong direction could send you down the sea below.

But nah, it doesn't mean that your racing career ends. The game automatically brings you back to the race track. HOWEVER, your chances of finishing first will be very slim... almost impossible (unless you are a mile ahead of the competition before you fall off). Just in case you don't know, the racers you are up against in this car game are competitive, too. They will pounce at every chance to take over the top spot and finish first.

HOWEVER, you are not without resources in this game. First off, you have the Nitro button. Check your nitro bar located on the upper left section of the screen. When this is filled, press X (in my case, press F) to activate it and get the temporary but awesome speed boost. Keep in mind, though, that your opponents have access to the same tool. It all boils down to timing your use perfectly. While not an expert when it comes to car games or Coaster Racer 2, I would highly advice that you use your nitro when you are driving through a straight path. Activating it on sections of the race track where there's no protective fence or where the path is squiggly can lead to disaster. Your nitro, while a powerful tool, can make or break your efforts to finish first place. Use it wisely!

For keyboard daredevils out there, for folks who want to pull off stunts on the road BUT can't, here's the next BIG thing: freestyle driving. This is done by pressing your chosen button for the freestyle. Your racer will raise his hands up... and this could mean fun or it could mean disaster. Remember, when you freestyle, you remove your hands off of the wheel, and that means you cannot control your vehicle.

Another thing I like about Coaster Racer 2 are the upgrade options: you can choose to increase the acceleration you get, the maximum top speed, tweak the tires for more stability, beef up your nitro, and those are just to name a few. Which upgrades should you go first? Well, that depends on you. If you are someone who has a hard time keeping his vehicle under control when you reach higher speeds, then it may be wise to invest your hard earned cash on your tire's stability.

Nice 3D graphics and design, blurry effects when you reach for the nitro button, lots of races, and MORE - without a doubt, Coaster Racer 2 is one of those car games that fans of genre will surely adore!