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Cone Crazy 2 Instructions

Cone Crazy 2 is controlled by using the arrow keys. The left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle, the up arrow key accelerates and the down arrow key brakes and reverses.

Cone Crazy 2 Walkthrough

Were you tempted to knock over the cones when you were in driving school? Now you will finally get your chance in Cone Crazy 2. Cone Crazy 2 is the sequel to Cone Crazy. This iteration of the car game features the same lovely isometric graphics, but adds additional time and new challenges to the game.

The objective of Cone Crazy 2 is to score as many points as possible by running over traffic cones. Orange traffic cones award ten points, while gold traffic cones award fifty points. Cone Crazy 2 gives you sixty seconds rather than its predecessor's thirty seconds to knock over cones. Unlike the first Cone Crazy, this car game also features lives. You are given three lives to work with, and you lose one life each time you crash into a tree. The game ends when you run out of lives or time.

In order to score big in Cone Crazy 2, it is best to drive cautiously. In the first Cone Crazy, you did not have to worry about losing lives, but you do in this iteration of the car game. Driving slowly can help you to avoid running into trees and losing lives. You have double the time that you did in the first Cone Crazy, so you can afford to drive slower. Running into traffic lights, potholes, or the edges of the play area do not penalize you with loss of a life, but doing so may still waste time.

Sometimes it may behoove you to drive backwards in Cone Crazy 2. Driving backwards can sometimes save you from running into a tree or can save you time in knocking over cones. Be advised that just like in real life, when driving in reverse the steering controls of your vehicle will also be reversed.

Cone Crazy 2 is a satisfying car game that improves upon the gameplay of its predecessor. Buckle up and knock'em down in Cone Crazy 2!