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Desert Rally Instructions

When it comes to car games that top the simplicity department and keeps the number of buttons to press in a game down to the minimum, Desert Rally is unbeatable! All you have to do is to remember two things (1) press the right arrow key to accelerate and (2) press the left arrow key to slow down and brake. That's it! What could be harder than that?

Desert Rally Walkthrough

Have you ever wondered how far and how fast you can go in a desert? Want to try out different cars for this test? If your answer is YES, then Desert Rally is a game you have to check out! This is one of the car games out there that have an easy-to-understand premise: go as far and as fast as you can through the desert with your chosen car until you crash.

YES, the premise is just as simple as the controls! There are 5 different racing cars to choose from: (1) the 1996 Porsche 959 (2) 1994 Toyota Celica GT Four WRC (3) 1999 Ford Focus WRC (4) 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII and last BUT not the least we have the (5) 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. After you have taken your pick, enter your name and "Please Take This Time To Get Familiar With Our Comprehensive Vehicle Control System"! The last line, which was on the screen while showing the controls, made me laugh. How comprehensive can you get when you have only 2 buttons to press?

After that, you are taken to the actual desert for you to race. Now there are a couple of the elements on the screen you need to be familiar with: (1) on the left side, there is the result of the top 100 racers, checking it out should give you an idea of how far you want to go (2) on the top left, which shows silhouette of a car, you will see how much damage your rear and front wheels have taken (3) the three BIG digits indicate your current speed and (4) under that you will find where you're at (which level) and how many miles you have traveled.

During the first minutes and miles of the race, the road is pretty stable and accelerating to your car's top speed should NOT be a problem. Later on, HOWEVER, it gets humpy and unstable. If you are traveling at speed, your car can easily be thrown up in the air. Keep an eye on the damage taken by your front and rear wheels. Either of them, once they hit 100 percent damage means game over for you. Your car will come crashing down and flipping.

Speed is NOT the number one factor or priority here. Distance traveled is. So do NOT hesitate to hit that brake button once in a while when things are getting shaky. BUT here's the point, by the time you get to the part where it's shaky and humpy, it's hard to get back to your top speed, which lowers your average speed.

Well, that's all there is to it! This is one of those car games that you can enjoy no matter what time of the day and without much commitment. No need to upgrade, save your game, or be bothered with awards and points. Heck! If you are good enough, you can easily spend hours on one race...if your skills are good enough.