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Desk Rally Instructions

If you are someone who has played racing and car games before, the controls of Desk Rally shouldn't be very difficult to pick up. For just about everything, you need your computer's keyboard, especially the arrow keys: (1) Press up for forward and hold it down to accelerate. (2) For steering to the left or right, the left and right arrow keys are to be pressed in conjunction with either the up or down button. (3) Lastly, to slow down or brake, press the down button and hold it down to go reverse. That's about it! That's everything you need to play the game. Let's check it out.

Desk Rally Walkthrough

We all have those boring moments in the office. The pile of paperwork in front of us seems insurmountable... and to make matters worse, we can't even get the job started! One can only unproductively stare at those paper clips, mugs, pens, small action figures and cars (yeah, I keep 3 of them at my desk), and the like. Have you ever wished that you can turn those things into something more fun... something that's engaging, something that will inject you some doses of liveliness so you can start working on those documents in front of you?

Well, what about creating a race track out of those lifeless school supplies? Perhaps you can use a dozen or two paper clips to create the boundaries for track. Put something right in the middle that would make it look good - an Optimus Prime action figure anyone? And then, use the cars as your racers going up against each other. Sound fun? The only problem with it is that, for sure, your office mates will give you that "What on earth have you been smoking lately?!" kind of look when they see what you are doing. BUT worry not, we have the next best thing - Desk Rally... and this car game does exactly the above. It combined most of the common stuff you see at your desk and created a funny looking race and car game out of it. While it doesn't offer much in terms of unique game play and replay value, I sure can appreciate the concept and humor behind the game!

The mechanics of the game is very standard. As I have said, it doesn't differ from other racing and car games out there when it comes to game play and mechanics: there's a track, and an opposing racer. Your job is to beat him in the race and move on to the next level. That's it! Complete the laps before your opponent does and you will have sweet victory. Just a couple of reminders, you don't want to go beyond the boundaries, beyond those paper clips. Doing so feels like driving through a 2 feet mud pool. It slows down your speed DRAMATICALLY and the other guy will surely beat you if you do. When he does, it's game over. There are no life bars, hearts, lives, or the like in this game. All you get is one shot for first place, lose it and it's over... you have to start right from the very beginning.

On the other hand, don't even think about taking a short cut on by passing through the middle of the race track (yes you can pass through the paper clips). That's NOT going to work folks. The laps won't be counted and by the time you successfully managed to get back to the track, you have already lost. Summing things up, there's nothing spectacular or awe inspiring about this game. Nothing new, nothing fancy, nothing unique - BUT it's definitely MORE than OK compared to average car and racing games out there. Still recommended.