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So you have played racing and car games with your computer's keyboard... using the arrow keys for basic movement? Yeah, for sure. Not surprising at all. BUT what about using your mouse for racing? Yes, you have read that right folks. In Draw Race, you can put that keyboard to the side and use your mouse instead. Just hold down the left mouse button, move it to draw your race track, and VIOLA! You are all set. Let's check out the game a little closer.

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So you think racing games is cool? True, they are. BUT drawing games are just as cool in my opinion! Is there any way we can combine these two genres and create a very fun car and drawing game? Well, according to Red Lynx, there is and it's RIGHT here - Draw Race! As the name suggests, this game is about drawing and racing. Before every race, your job is to draw the car's path using your mouse through a single screen and top down track. It works this way: the faster you draw, the more speed boost you get. Take it easy with your drawing and your car would slow down. HOWEVER, do keep in mind that your car is also subject to physics. That means yes, it will slide and skid off its intended path if the curve gets too tight or you drew too fast and the speed is off the charts.

At first, your races against the AI opponents will be quite easy to deal with. In the online version, there are 6 tracks to choose from and you need to finish 1st place to unlock the next one. The basic track designs allow you to draw a line as quick as you can and you don't even have to worry about guiding your car along the best possible racing line. The tracks are also pretty short, which is good news if you are a newbie in this type of unique racing and car games. With short tracks, there are less chances of making a mistake when you are drawing compared to tracks with 5 laps where you can easily find your fingers getting a little tired and your drawings a little off the mark. And believe me, in harder tracks, one slight mistake can cost you the championship... and with 5 laps, that could get very tricky!

The core mechanics and rules of the game takes quite a while to get used to. HOWEVER, when you take on the harder courses and tougher racing opponents as you win more and more races, the challenges step up a notch and this is a surefire way to get hooked to it. Here are a couple of tips: to win in the advanced and more complicated stages, you need to learn when you MUST draw slow lines - for example, roads are too narrow, too curvy, etc. Also, you need to maximize your speed whenever you get the chance. Let's say it's just a straight path ahead, you want to draw that line as fast as you can to get your speed to the top. Oh, by the way, if you are getting a little over your head, check out the online leader boards and realize that what may be perfect for you is just half of what the others can pull off!

While the online and flash version of this car game is great, there's also the iPhone version where you can have up to 3 players playing the game. While this sounds odd, Red Lynx decided that, for the multi player version, the players will take turns in drawing out their car paths for the track for the set number of laps. While out of ordinary, this is a nice novelty that you want to try out a couple of times.

If you are sick and tired of how, usually, online car games - their game play, their mechanics, and everything else in between, this is a surefire way to breathe in some fresh air into your gaming experience!