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The controls of Drift Runners is very simple to understand - up for acceleration, left and right directional keys for steering...and that's it! "What?! No brakes?!" you might exclaim. YES, there are no breaks. And as you will see later and when you play the game, removing the brakes from the controls made Drift Runners really fun to play!

Drift Runners Walkthrough

If you are looking for rip roaring and wheel screeching car games, then Drift Runners is yours for the taking! Developed by game developer Long Animals, this car game (which is played on an overhead view) focuses on a variety of goals you need to achieve...goals that emphasize destruction and having fun rather than speed and taking the game too seriously.

By far, this is one of the MOST entertaining racing and car games I have seen. Also, the controls are very apt - no brakes! In arcade car games, we know what we want out of it: we want it to be blazing fast, chaotic, and fun. The omission of the brakes on the controls really hits it right.

All you have to do is select a car, get it painted, pick a track (you only have one at the beginning), and you are good to go and ready to race. Now, one thing to keep in mind - this is Drift Runners. As the name suggests, you need to drift as MUCH as you can. In a real life race, drifting won't give you an edge. BUT since this is an arcade game with little regard for physics, drifting is the name of the game.

Coming with 6 different race tracks, there are a couple of different achievements you need to earn - finishing first is of course appreciated. HOWEVER, don't bother to go for everything in one go. That's nearly impossible as some of them contradict each other. By the way, keep in mind that this is still a race. For you to unlock the next levels, you need to finish first. Earning points, though, is a different story.

Here's how you EARN points: jump, drift, destroy those road hazards and road side ornaments - and everything else in between. To earn points, you can do everything...except for following traffic rules and regulations and driving peacefully. YES, Drift Runners is one of those car games that reward recklessness. What could be better than that?!

Oh! By the way, there are coins on the side of the road, which gives you extra dough. Don't forget to go out of your way (which you will be doing often anyway) and collect them. Having more coins gives you MORE cash. You can spend them to upgrade and beef up your car even MORE between races...allowing you to create more destruction in less time.

All in all, Drift Runners is one of those fun and arcade car games that you simply have to try. The graphics are cool, the sound effects and screeching sounds are perfect and made at the right time, and heavily rewards breaking stuff and destroying things...something you'd get arrested for in real life. I don't know about you BUT that sure sounds fun!