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Drift Runners 2 Instructions

The controls of Drift Runners 2 is very identical to Drift Runners' - use the directional keys for moving. Up for accelerating and left or right for steering. In Drift Runners 2, HOWEVER, you can use the W, A, S, and D keys as an alternative. And let's not forget another fine addition in the controls, which made Drift Runners 2 one of the finest and MOST fun car games around - the nitro! Just hit space bark or X key to activate it and give your car that much needed boost.

Drift Runners 2 Walkthrough

Have you watched the Fast and The Furious starring Vin Diesel? Dreaming to drift all day in your parking lot? Are you someone who enjoys reckless driving? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then welcome to Drift Runners 2 - one of the best arcade car games around where destruction and having fun is the priority!

Created by Long Animals as a sequel to the game of the same name, Drift Runners 2 is surprisingly deep...deep since there are a couple of goals to achieve in a race track instead of the usual 'finish first to win' goal. Surprising because it's REALLY FUN! We all know that fun and deep don't always go together. BUT the developers from Long Animals did a good job of packing both in one game.

Played on an overhead or aerial perspective, Drift Runners 2 is NOT as difficult to play compared to other car games since you can see what's up ahead and you can prepare for it. Whether there's a coin, another racing car, twists and turns, and everything else in between - you can definitely gear up for it...which I like since I'm not that good in racing and car games.

As the name suggests, you will be spending a lot of time drifting in this car game. Matter of fact, on the first track, you will be awarded for drifting throughout the race without hitting the walls. The more drifts you do, the more points and speed boost you gain. Chain MORE drifts and you get higher score multipliers. This is what made the game fun (aside from destroying those road side ornaments and hazards). Score high and achieve more points - this allows you to get new cars, buy upgrades, and unlock tracks that bring MORE challenges and fun to the game.

What I really like about Drift Runners 2 is the ability to save your progress from session to session...allowing you to revisit your drifting and car games' career over and over again. And believe me, you are going to need it! Finishing the game takes a long time - and achieving all of the goals takes even longer! That holds true even after you have perfected your Drift Runners 2 driving and drifting skills.

With 25 tracks, at least one achievement to work on PLUS a corresponding bonus level, there are 50 tracks all in all. With 10 cars to choose from, 4 levels of upgrades to buy, etc., without a doubt, this is one of the deepest car games you could ever lay your hands on.

Overall, this is one of the most fun filled car games around...PERIOD! The room for customization and variety will surely keep you working on your car and drifting career for hours or even days to come!