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Earn to Die Instructions

Earn to Die is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down keys are used to accelerate and to brake and reverse respectively. The left and right arrow keys tilt your vehicle. The X key (or control key) is used to activate your boost.

Earn to Die Walkthrough

Earn to Die is a blend of car game, zombie game, and distance game. Earn to Die features well-illustrated graphics, a rocking soundtrack, three different vehicles, and numerous upgrades.

The objective of Earn to Die is to escape the desert wasteland and make it to the helicopter in as few days as possible. When you first begin, you must choose from one of three save slots to save your game. This car game may take a while to beat, but luckily your progress will automatically be saved. If you wish to continue from where you left off, simply choose the "Load Game" option in the main menu the next time that you play.

To help you "get to the chopper", you will have a variety of upgrades at your disposal. In order to purchase these upgrades, you will need money. Money is earned each day based on the stunts that you perform and the distance that you travel. Investing in a fuel tank is a good idea because it will increase the distance that you can travel and essentially pay for itself. If you can afford to buy a more advanced vehicle, I advise you to buy it right away rather than purchasing upgrades, however, due to the fact that upgrades are not compatible with different vehicles in this car game. When buying a new vehicle, you will have to upgrade it from scratch!

Running over zombies is fun and can occasionally earn you money. The downside to this is that it slows you down! There is no guarantee that you will earn money from killing a zombie, but it is guaranteed that you will earn money for the distance that you drive. Mounting a gun on your car can help you to clear zombies from your path without having to run them over, allowing you to drive further and earn more money. It is best to buy more important upgrades such as fuel tank capacity or a booster before mounting a gun in this car game, however.

Earn to Die is a car game that successfully blends the distance game and horror-survival game genres. Splattered zombie guts on a windshield has never been as fun as it is in Earn to Die!