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If you have played Crash Bandicoot-style racing and car games before in your PC, playing Foofa Racer should be a piece of cake. The controls are very easy to learn, and with a little practice, your fingers should execute the proper moves with very little thought. The game is played entirely with your computer's keyboard, and the arrow keys in particular: (1) Press the up arrow key to move forward through the track and hold it down to accelerate. (2) Pressing the down directional key, on the other hand, would make your car go reverse. (3) The left and right cursor buttons are for steering and turning your car in either direction. Alternatively, you can use the buttons A (for up), Z (for down), and O and P (for left and right respectively). This is one of those car games where throwing weapons and explosives to your opponent is legal... and you better take advantage of it as other racers will. Do use your bonus weapon, just hit the space bar button. If you need to go back to the main menu, just press the Escape button.

Foofa Racer Walkthrough

It's wacky, it's fun, and it's loaded with weapons - you may think that I'm talking about an adventure and shooting game here... BUT nah, I'm talking about Foofa Racer. One of the funniest and craziest online and flash-based car games you could lay your hands on, it's easy to find yourself spending hours on this game.

The objective of the game is very straightforward: you need to finish and win the race. That's it! Whether you picked the Quick Race Game Mode (which takes you to a race track right away) or the New Cup Game Mode (which sets up a racing cup with multiple races in it), it doesn't really matter... what matters is that you win that race! This is easier said than done fellas. First, the guys you will race against are quite competitive and they know what they are doing. Second, the presence of weapon crates scattered all over the race track means opponents will always have threats against you. HOWEVER, since you benefit from these weapon crates yourself, this makes the game REALLY fun!

Since we are talking about weapons and power ups, I think taking a closer look at the weapons you will find in the game is in order. Here they are:

The Chili Boost - A sudden boost of speed when you are racing is always welcome... PERIOD. If you are fighting for the first place and a racer is going neck to neck against you, use a Chili Boost to leave him in dust. This power up gives you a speed boost. BUT remember, this is only temporary so use this when it counts the most.

The Smart Firework - This is the layman's term for a seeking missile. Once this weapon is launched, there's no need to control it. It will automatically find the nearest opponent and hit it.

The Oil Barrel - When you are racing, you want your engines to be well-oiled. HOWEVER, you can't say the same for the road. An oiled road is slippery, making it hard for racers to control their vehicles. Use the Oil Barrel to do just that!

The Space Cannon - Want to disrupt the current leader's smooth coasting to the finish line? Perhaps you are close behind the car in the first position and want to take over? In any case, the Space Cannon would come REALLY handy. Unleash this weapon and it will automatically hit the car in the first position. In light of that, don't be stupid. Don't use it when you are in the first position... unless you want to see your racer and car parts sent flying in the air.

The Soap Bubble - Judging from the way it sounds, the soap bubble sounds like the most lame and most useless power up in the game. BUT upon closer inspection, this thing is quite powerful. With the ability to protect you from any sort of enemy attacks and traps, this is a power up you want to keep handy for sure.

There are only 2 tips you need to keep in mind when playing Foofa Race. First and foremost, save your weapons and use them when the time is ripe. Think about it, using a Chili Boost at the start of the track is pretty useless. Also, spilling oil when you are the bottom feeder doesn't make any sense, too. Second tip: do not leave the track. When you go off of the track, your speed slows down considerably. With the skill of the racers you're up against, this could kill your hopes of bagging the first prize.

Nothing fancy, nothing serious - just plain crazy racing and car games fun...filled with weapons. This is Foofa Racer. Give it a shot now and see why a lot of car games fans are going nuts about it.