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Foofa Racer 2 Instructions

Have you played wacky racing and car games before where you can throw stuff and use weapons to your advantage? Yeah? If that's the case, then you will have fun playing Foofa Racer 2. Just like most car games out there, the game is played entirely with your keyboard. For basic movement, use your keyboard's arrow / cursor keys: (1) Press the up arrow key to move forward and accelerate. (2) The down arrow key, on the other hand, is for slowing down and going reverse. (3) The left and right arrow keys are for steering or turning your can into either direction. If you find that using your arrow keys seems a little awkward, you can use the A, Z, O, and P buttons instead. I'm wondering why these buttons are used, I think the regular and tested W, A, S, and D keys would have been better. Anyway, as I have mentioned earlier, this is one of those wacky car games where you can use weapons and throw explosives to opposing racers. To do just that, to use a bonus weapon, just hit the Space Bar button. If you need to switch back to the main menu, just press the Escape button.

Foofa Racer 2 Walkthrough

Developed by Foofa Studios, this has to be one of the craziest and funniest car games you could every lay your hands on. The objective in Foofa 2 is very straightforward: whatever race track you are on, whether you are in a cup or a regular race, just win it... that's it. Getting there, however, is NOT an easy task. Not only will you go up against competent racers. These guys will also throw everything at you just to win!

Weapons and power ups - they are vital in this game. Having a Crash Bandicoot Racing-style of game play, you shouldn't miss those weapon crates and have something in your arsenal all the time. Let's have a closer look at some of the weapons and power ups in this game...

Bonus Weapons And Power Ups:

(1) Chili Boost - if you are going neck to neck against someone, if you are just inches away from bagging the first place BUT someone is very close behind, use the Chili Boost. This will give you that temporary BUT much needed speed boost.

(2) Smart Firework - This thing is really smart. No need to control this explosive. Just launch it and it will hit the nearest opponent.

(3) Oil Barrel - Want to slow down all of the racers behind you? Unleash the Oil Barrel! This will make the ground slippery... making it hard for the racers to control their wheels.

(4) Space Cannon - If you are in contention for first place BUT you are inches behind, or if you just want to piss off the current race leader, use the Space Cannon. It will automatically hit the car in the first position. BUT please, don't use it when you are leading. That's a good way to toast yourself.

(5) Soap Bubble - By the way it sounds, it seems like it won't do much... BUT believe me, you want to keep a soap bubble handy. This thing protects you from enemy attacks... allowing you to focus on the wheels.

That doesn't include the weapons and traps that are unique to every player / character in the game. The Creep, for example, drops 2 bombs on opposing cars (this is known as Delivery Storks). The Smoker, as his name suggests, unleashes as Deadly Cloud, which slows down the reflexes of those who pass through it. The She driver, which is a woman as you can tell, uses the Sweetheart technique that charms the drivers and renders them unable to drive.

And those are just to name a few fellas. There are 2 locked characters in the game. Who are they? That's for me to know and for you to find out. If you want to unlock and use them, finish the races with the top scores... a hard BUT still doable task.

You can choose to just race right away with the Quick Race Mode or you can join a racing cup instead with the Race Cup Mode. The Race Cup Mode comes with 2 unlockable levels. BUT you need to complete the first one...the Rookie level first to get to the next one, rinse and repeat until all of the levels are unlocked.

The race tracks here are just as crazy as the characters and racers. What about racing in the moon... where aliens get together before invading a planet? Sounds bizarre and cool? Yeah? Well, that's just one of the exotic race tracks in the game.

Crazy and truckloads of fun - this is Foofa Race 2, and I highly suggest that you give it a shot.