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Formula Racer Instructions

Just like most racing and car games out there, you would use your computer's keyboard for the most part. There are 2 modes of control for this game. First off, you can use your keyboard's arrow keys: (1) Press the up arrow key to start driving forward and accelerate. (2) For steering, on the other hand, you have to use the left and right arrow keys. (3) And lastly, for braking, press the down arrow key. Alternatively, if you find using the arrow keys awkward (which I do), you can use the W, A, S, and D keys instead. Should you need a speed boost... say if you are behind most of the racers and want to get ahead to bag some cash prize, use the Kinetic Boost. This is done by pressing the Space Bar button, X, or N button. OK, now that we are done with the controls, let's get on with the game.

Formula Racer Walkthrough

Kongregate - this is, without a doubt, one of my favorite game publishers out there, and for good reason. And with Formula Racer, they confirmed once again that they are one of the best that at they do! Comes with nice graphics, smooth controls, and everything you could ask for in a car game - racing fans will easily fall in love with this game. The objective of the game is pretty simple: you will be pitted against 23 other racers, and you need to win it. Well, at least you need to have enough cash (which will be won from races) to qualify and unlock the other tracks.

Let's take a closer look at some important stuff in the game. First off, let's check out the Kinetic Boost. This is a system installed in your car that gathers energy... storing it within your engine while you are driving. The boost level you get from the Kinetic Boost system rises automatically and it rises even faster when you brake and when you drift. This sort of reminds me of that popular online racing game - Kart Racing, which has the same mechanics for its nitro. Anyway, back to the Kinetic Boost, once it's 20 percent full, you can use it by pressing the Space Bar button. Be careful, bumping other vehicles or bumping into just about anything will deplete your Kinetic Boost bar.

Next thing we should check out is the Upgrade and Tuning department. After starting the game and choosing the track, you can upgrade and fine tune the specs of your car. All in all, you can buy 16 levels of upgrades for your car. So how do you do the upgrading part? Here's how: see that set up triangle at the beginning of the game? That's where you get the job done. To adjust, drag the car's set up between the speed, handling, and its boost around the triangle set up. Now, there's no one true way for obtaining the best set up and upgrades for your car. This all boils down to the to the track that you are in. For example, let's say you are racing on a wet track. Moist - whether it comes from rain or whatever, causes your car to skid and you will have less control. With that in mind, you want to beef up your car's handling capability before entering that track.

Here are a couple of driving tips you should keep in mind: (1) At all costs, avoid contact with other cars. While it will not destroy your car instantly (except when you are at top speed and you crash into one of the vehicles... sustaining full damage), it will deplete your Kinetic Boost - something that could turn the tide in your favor. You don't want to lose it. (2) Learn the tracks and find the best racing lines. You see, you can go through a track more than once. I recommend you milk the hell out of a track, know it like the back of your hand, and win as much cash as you can so you get to buy MORE upgrades and unlock MORE tracks. (3) When to use the boost? One good way to hit it is when you are coming out of bends.