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Freeway Fury Instructions

Car games, usually, you only need to make sure that your keyboard is good shape, to play these games. Freeway Fury is no exception. To get started with the game just press Space and off you go. Use the left and right directional keys to steer your car accordingly. Hit the up directional key to jump to the roof of your car. From there, you can use the directional keys to jump on other cars. And once you are all set, hit the Down directional key to enter that car. It's NOT ABC easy BUT it's still simple and straightforward enough to pick up in one sitting. Let's take a closer look at the game...

Freeway Fury Walkthrough

Car games - don't you think most of them are a little too redundant and boring? Rehashing the same concept over and over again like parking your car at the designated parking area, racing against other players, scoring as much as you can on the way to the finish line?

Now, make no mistake about it. Car games are fun. BUT for some people who want MORE action and excitement plain driving and racing is just not enough. And when plain, good, old (and law abiding if I may add) driving is NOT enough, Freeway Fury is here to keep your otherwise boring afternoons action packed...driving you at the edge of your seats while you race towards the finish line!

The objective of the game is not really different from other racing and car games: reach the finish line as fast as you can. Achieving that objective, though, is different especially when the car game you are playing is Freeway Fury. The name says it all: it's one of those car games where there are no rules, no laws, and unleashing your fury is NOT just allowed. It's ENCOURAGED! Perhaps, it's the only way to win!

Let that speed demon out, unleash your fury as you climb your car's roof. Well, getting some fresh air is nice BUT that's NOT really the point. Jump to another car's roof and hijack a better looking ride on your way to the finish line - that's the whole idea. Now, you better let your kids know that hijacking isn't a good thing...and their hands are going to get whacked for it. BUT then, when you are playing Freeway Fury, there are no law enforcement guys to give the whacking so it's OK.

You will gain nitro boosts by jumping onto other cars - that's MORE than welcome for car games like this. And with that nitro boosts together with the help of your flexible fingers, you can do a variety of crazy, impossible, and RECKLESS stunts. This is a surefire way to see your score increase. Oh! One more thing, there are no breaks. BUT why would you want one anyway?

One Last Reminder: being adventurous is good. BUT having suicidal tendencies is a different matter. Never ever jump into an open space without a car. That's suicide. Either you crushed by the impact or an incoming car runs over you. No matter how you look at it, jumping into an open space is outright stupid.

Anyway, if you are looking for unique, action packed car games that will keep you busy for the hours to come, this is the game to play. Go for the finish line and you may even unlock a bonus car or two!