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Freeway Fury 2 Instructions

Freeway Fury 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. The up arrow key activates your nitro boost. Hold the Z key to stand on the roof of your vehicle. You may jump from vehicle to vehicle using the arrow keys while holding the Z key. The P key pauses the game.

Freeway Fury 2 Walkthrough

Don't you just hate being stuck in traffic? Then Freeway Fury 2 is a car game that will let you take out your road rage! Freeway Fury 2 is an action-packed car game and the sequel to Freeway Fury. Freeway Fury 2 features superior graphics, more intuitive controls, and the new Free Ride mode!

The goal of Freeway Fury 2 is to make it to the end of the freeway before time runs out. Your progress is displayed on the right side of the screen. When you make it to checkpoints, your time will be extended. This car game ends when time has run out, you have successfully made it to the end of the freeway, or you die in a ball of fire or a red smear on the concrete.

Obeying the law and driving the speed limit is not the way to win in this car game. Instead, you will have to use your nitro boost to weave between traffic and make law-breaking, death-defying leaps to other cars. You can gain great distance by jumping onto cars that are in front of you. To do this, press and hold the Z key, then use the arrow keys to jump to another car. Release the Z key to "commandeer" your new vehicle.

To score more points in Freeway Fury 2, you can bump into other cars and jump from vehicle to vehicle. If you manage to jump between multiple vehicles in a single sequence of leaps, you will earn a combo bonus which will greatly increase your score. Be careful when bumping into other cars, because your car may explode if it takes too much damage. If your vehicle starts emitting flames, it is a good idea to take a new one. Also, while it is fun and rewarding to jump between different vehicles in this car game, you don't want to end up a red puddle on the freeway, so be cautious. It is best to attempt to jump to vehicles that are closer to you to avoid missing and splatting on the pavement.

The new game mode added to Freeway Fury 2 is the Free Ride. In Free Ride mode, you can set parameters before you begin the game. These parameters cost experience points, which are earned by playing the game. I advise you to at least try the normal game mode of this car game before playing Free Ride mode.

Freeway Fury 2 is a major improvement over the already spectacular Freeway Fury. If you have a lot of road rage to take out, then this car game is perfect for you!