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Grand Prix Go Instructions

The control scheme of Grand Prix Go is just as easy and straightforward as other car games out there. You just need use your keyboard's arrow keys. Or if you find that a little awkward, you can always switch to the W, A, S, and D keys instead. The X and N buttons, on the other hand, are for stepping on your nitro (only when it's available). Now that we are done with the easy part, let's get to the 'real meat' - the game itself!

Grand Prix Go Walkthrough

It's new and fast-paced. It sets the road on fire and it's furious. This is Grand Prix Go, a formula one racing / car game created by Turbo Nuke. Just like the 'average' real-life formula one racing you see on TV, you will take control of a formula one car. You need to drive it through zigzagging and twisted tracks... tracks that are filled with wild turns, speeding stripes, etc. As you move to later levels and complete more races, you will be entitled to move to tougher racing tournaments with trickier race tracks. Once you have completed enough tasks, you can then move from the gold cup to the pro series.

Without a doubt, Grand Prix Go is one of the best formula racing / car games you could lay your hands on in the online and flash-based gaming world.

While the tracks are challenging and the AI's level of driving skill is quite commendable, the most challenging and difficult part of the game is the steering part. No, I haven't driven formula one car... and I don't see myself driving one in the near future. HOWEVER, I do know when a car is stiff and quite unresponsive. And I can tell that the formula one car in Grand Prix Go falls in this category. And I'm not alone in this. I have checked other user comments and suggestions, and a good portion of them is complaining about how tough to handle the car is. This is especially true when you are driving on narrow courses that are filled with sharp turns.

Seeing the controls loosened up a bit would make me a very happy man. While we are waiting for the developer's response and for the changes, you can always work around this by purchasing upgrades which makes handling and driving A LOT easier. But that doesn't take away the fact it can be really stiff and restraining. As for the game's overall difficulty, I would say that it's GREAT. The gold cup, personally, was a treat. It's challenging and third place is the best that I can manage on the final score. If this is your first time playing racing and car games, it will take quite some time before you can land on decent finishing positions.

The Pro Cup: This cup is only available after you have completed a bunch of various objectives. Objectives are different from the medals by the way. If you have unlocked the Pro Cup, that means you are really good. The challenges and tracks in this cup can unnerve even the most experienced online F1 drivers and fans. Are you up to the task? That's a question you can answer by playing the game.

The art and design is fantastic in my opinion, BUT as with anything, there's always room for improvement. While the cars are shaped nicely, I think slimming them down would make them resemble F1 racing cars even better. They look chunky and tall, which is NOT how an F1 racing car is designed. HOWEVER, just a minor quibble coming from someone who loves to criticize. :D As for the rest of the designs, the 3D perspective for the tracks, trees, textures, etc. have been done really well.

As for the music, it's perfect... really suitable for the race. I just love the fast beat and the atmosphere the music created for the race. One of the highlights in the sound department of this game is the sound effects. They are just awesome! The engine noise, drifting, braking, etc. - they are very realistic... and that's not something that other average car games could brag of. The menu music / sound effects are far more intricate than the music you get while racing. Bottom line: this game didn't just look wonderful... it sounded wonderful, too!

Great looking cars and design, fantastic sound track and effects, nice and challenging race tracks and cups, etc. - now tell me, what more can you ask for? From a flash and online car game perspective, this has to be one of the best there. Give it a try and see it for yourself.