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Grand Prix Management Instructions

Grand Prix Management is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface

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Grand Prix Management is a car game that puts you in the role of the leader of a Grand Prix team. Grand Prix Management features simple graphics, great audio, automatic saving, and an easy-to-use interface. Be warned that if you are looking for a racing game where you drive the cars, then Grand Prix Management is not for you, but it is a fun business game.

The objective of Grand Prix Management is to lead your team to victory in the five racing categories. You start in Category E, but by winning races, you will eventually rise to the top of Category A. You will have to hire and train drivers, modify your vehicle, and manage your money wisely in this business game. I advise you to upgrade the steering property of your vehicle as soon as possible. In order to earn more money from races, it is also a good idea to deal with a sponsor and use their colors in races.

You do not directly control the vehicle during races in Grand Prix Management. Instead, you must order your driver to drive in a certain style or to take a pit stop. Before each race you must also choose which types of tires you want to use. You should use slick tires when it is dry and wet tires when it is raining. The condition of your vehicle as well as its fuel state is displayed to the right of the game's interface during a race. If your vehicle takes too much damage or runs low on fuel, you should order it to the pit so that your team can repair and refuel it. This may cost your position in the race, but it's better to lose than to not finish at all!

I advice you to order your driver to drive aggressively to surpass the opposing racers. After your driver has a comfortable lead, you should order them to drive normally to save fuel. When driving aggressively in this car game, your driver has less control over the vehicle, so it is a good idea to make up for this by making sure that your driver's steering ability and the steering property of your car are upgraded.

If you prefer being in the driver's seat, then Grand Prix Management probably isn't the car game for you. If you would rather sit back and make the decisions that will lead your team to victory, then you will enjoy Grand Prix Management!