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Heatwave Racing Instructions

Heatwave Racing is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up arrow key to accelerate, and the down arrow key to brake. The spacebar is used to activate your nitro boost and the enter key switches the camera view.

Heatwave Racing Walkthrough

Heatwave Racing is a racing game presented by Hot Tamales, the delicious cinnamon candy. This car game is very similar in all aspects to City Drifters, but features a more efficient graphics engine and a track that is easier to navigate.

Like City Drifters, Heatwave Racing features two gameplay modes: Race and Time Trial. The goal of Race Mode is to place in first against eight computer-controlled racers. In Time Trial Mode, your objective is to drive a single lap around the track in as little time as possible. You can select multiple cars to drive in this car game, but they all have the same characteristics; their only differences are their paint schemes.

Heatwave Racing using the same control scheme as City Drifters. The left and right arrow keys steer your car in the respective direction. The up arrow key is used to drive forward and the down arrow key brakes. Press and hold the spacebar to use your nitro boost. I do not advise using your boost in this racing game, however, since it will make it easier to crash or spin out of control. Keep in mind that Heatwave Racing is based off of NASCAR racing, while City Drifters is based on street racing; using nitrous oxide is considered cheating in NASCAR racing!

On one hand, Heatwave Racing is a better game for beginners than City Drifters since players race on a standard racing track rather than a course that winds through a city. On the other hand, Heatwave Racing is far less-forgiving since the cars are far less resilient. In City Drifters, a player could crash their car until all of the damage indicators turned red, and they would still be able to race; in this racing game, if you spin out once and slam into a wall (which is a very easy thing to do for newcomers), you are likely to wreck your vehicle right then and there. The solution to this problem is not to crash. You will have to keep practicing until you can successfully control your vehicle and navigate the track without slamming into a wall. Playing a few Time Trials might help you to get the hang of this.

Heatwave Racing may give players trouble at first, but those that persevere will be rewarded with piping hot gameplay! Whether you enjoy Hot Tamales candy or not, you will enjoy this sweet car game!