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High Speed Chase 2 Instructions

The controls of High Speed Chase 2 is very similar to other car games out there. Use the arrow or directional keys to drive: (1) up arrow key for forward and acceleration (2) down arrow key for slowing down and braking (3) use the left and right arrow keys for steering. Want to use a power up? Yeah? Simple, just hit the space bar or hold on to it for burst use. On the other hand, if you want to swap power ups, pressing the Shift key should get the job done. If you want to drop it though so you can pick a new one, just press and hold Shift and pass through your desired power ups.

High Speed Chase 2 Walkthrough

If you are looking for car games that are so fast paced that it will cause finger cramps, then High Speed Chase 2 is a game that you should check out. Created by Johnny Twoshoes, the same guys who brought us The Heist and The Heist 2 (two car games that puts you in the shoes of 'The Transporter'), you are guaranteed to spend hours playing this car game and ramming your wheels against the targets.

The objective of the game is simple to understand: be the next super agent. How do you do it? Simple. Take down the targets shown in the mission overview. Crash your car (which is amazingly durable) against your targets until their health bar zeroes and they explode. Now, this isn't an easy feat by any means. BUT don't worry. Power ups are always around to help: gliders, health restoration (which means more crashing and ramming power), speed boosts that allow you to just run over your target like a bug, bullets and pistols for extra destructive power, and those are just to name a few.

The power ups, by the way, are dropped based on which power ups you bought and upgraded. You can do so on the briefing screen. See that button on the lower left corner which says Power Ups? That's the button to click. You will be taken to a screen which looks like a tech tree. From there, you can buy power ups, upgrade them, BUT for a price - your score. The points needed for upgrade and purchase are taken from your score. With that in mind, you want to upgrade and purchase power ups that will make it easier for you to take down targets.

One of the three awards are to be gained in every level: (1) Gold (2) Silver and (3) Bronze. You need to get at least bronze to move on to the next level. The score is based on multipliers. Every time you take down a target, you active score goes up. When you kill cops, drive head on, reach top speed, etc., your score's multiplier goes up the roof!

YES, this is one of those car games where you have the license to drive without being bound by the law. Just don't kill yourself in the process or you have to start from square one. Also, heavy crashes into civilians will lower your active score.

One of the fast paced, addictive car games, and created by Johnny Twoshoes - this is High Speed Chase 2. If you think getting finger and wrist cramps is fun, play this game!