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When it comes to controls, Kamikaze Race has, by far, the easiest control scheme out of all the car games I have tried. Heck! You don't have to be bothered about upgrading your car, changing gears, and anything else in between. You just need to fingers to play - press the left or right directional keys for steering. That's it! Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. BUT let me tell you this: this is one of those car games that is FAR from easy!

Kamikaze Walkthrough

When it comes to car games, Kamikaze Race is definitely one of the most exciting and fast paced out there. There are no life bars. There is no need for upgrades and repairs. No need to change gears while driving. And there is no room for complicated maneuvering in Kamikaze Race. The objective is very simple and straightforward: survive as long as you can, and score as high as you can!

That's it. Easy huh? Well, yeah it does sound easy BUT not until you play the game. You see, you are driving in the freeway where everyone is going as fast as they can. To make matters worse, your car's brakes are busted! PLUS, the gears are jammed at full throttle. YES folks, this is Kamikaze Race.

Well, at first, you won't feel the pressure. Your car seems like its coasting through the freeway at a very manageable speed. The freeway is also not that crowded so you can easily evade the vehicles in front of you. HOWEVER, as you go further, the speed steps up. And trucks, cars, etc. are all over the place. And you better be alert enough to dodge them and switch lanes as fast as you can if you want to stay alive.

Here are a couple of reminders and tips that should help you score as much as you can and stay alive as long as possible:

Tip Number 1: The fastest you can go is 350 miles per hour. That's like a whirlwind if you ask me and there's no way I would ride a car that's driving at that speed. Anyway, that should give you an idea how fast your reflexes and reaction time should be if you want to beat the chart toppers in this game.

Tip Number 2: With tip number one in mind, you don't want to stay behind the semis - those slow moving vehicles. They are way too slow to keep up with you and their lanes are too crowded for you to maneuver and evade effectively. The farthest I have gone by staying behind these cars is 20.345. Not impressive. You will CRASH with them early in the game...PERIOD.

Tip Number 3: Last BUT not the least, you will find internet retards telling you to press ALT and Space Bar and hold on to W...saying that it's a bug that allows you to drive through cars without crashing. Needless to say, don't fall for it or you will just make a much worse retard out of yourself. Play the game how is supposed to be played, crash and burn many times, and have fun. :)

All in all, Kamikaze Race is one of the more exciting car games out there that will keep you busy and on the edge of your seats for hours. It may not have great and jaw dropping graphics, it may not have an engaging side story, BUT who needs those when you are playing Kamikaze Race?