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KGB Hunter Instructions

KGB Hunter is controlled by using either the keyboard or the mouse. Use the arrow keys or move your mouse to steer the car. The spacebar or left mouse button are used to fire. The P key is used to pause the game.

KGB Hunter Walkthrough

KGB Hunter is a car game with gameplay similar to the classic arcade game, Spy Hunter. KGB Hunter features sprite-like top-down graphics, two simple control schemes, and challenging shoot-em-up gameplay.

The objective of KGB Hunter is to eliminate the target of each level. Along the way, you will have to deal with a variety of enemy vehicles that the Russians send to stop you. There are also civilian vehicles that will not harm you in this car game. It is OK if you accidentally destroy these vehicles since doing so does not penalize your score at all. Unfortunately, your progress is not saved so if you die, you will have to start over from the very beginning.

KGB Hunter may be controlled with the keyboard or with the mouse. Mouse control is more fluid and may be easier for some players, but keyboard control allows faster, more fine-tuned motion of the vehicle. I personally prefer using the keyboard controls in this car game. If you decide to use the keyboard to control the game, make sure that you do not move the mouse at all or it may throw you off course!

KGB Hunter starts you off with a lowly forward gun. If you manage to destroy red powerup trucks, you can unlock a plethora of new weapons such as side guns, rear guns, and more. Unfortunately, your arsenal is not retained between levels of this car game, so you will have to destroy trucks on the current level to regain your weapons. Only weapons are effective against bosses, but minor enemies can be rammed. Be careful when ramming enemies because your vehicle will also take damage!

KGB Hunter is a great alternative to Spy Hunter that can be played on the Web without the use of an emulator. Do you have what it takes to save the free world? Find out in this thrilling car game!