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King of Drift Instructions

So you have played car games before? Yeah? Very well then, you shouldn't have any problem playing and enjoying King Of Drift. The control scheme of this car game is as standard as it could get. The basic movement is done with the arrow keys: (1) Press up to drive forward, and to accelerate and attain top speeds, just hold it down. (2) The left and right cursor keys, on the other hand, are for steering on either of these directions. (3) The down arrow / cursor key, by the way, is for going reverse...which comes handy when you hit the race track's edge and you are stuck. (4) And last BUT not least, press the Z Key for the hand brakes and to slow down. If you need to do something, say to answer a phone or go to the loo in the middle of a race, just press the P button. To resume the game, just press it again.

King of Drift Walkthrough

To drive at top speeds and set the race track on fire is good, to drift and make your wheels screech and burn, HOWEVER, is divine! Car games fans, let's all admit it.

The screeching sound of drifting wheels is just irresistible. Reminding us of the exploits of Dominic Turedo (Vin Diesel) in the justly famous Fast And Furious series, one can't help BUT dream of being in the driver's seat... and pulling off the same tricks and drifting maneuvers he did.

With King Of Drift, however, you need to stop dreaming and start driving! As the name of this car game suggests, you will be pitted against other racers and drivers in a bid to bag the title of "King Of Drift". The controls of the game, as I have mentioned above, are very easy to handle. With a little practice, driving your car in this game should become second nature to you.

If you are just starting out, I would HIGHLY recommend that you practice first on your own to get used to the controls, the twists and turns of some of the tracks, and everything else in between.

Trust me, the AI racers and drivers will give you a thorough spanking if you are not ready... and you will always hit the rock bottom of the rankings. Anyway, to start your training and practice sessions, click the Race option at the beginning of the screen, click the Practice button located on the left part of the screen, and off you go. You will be pitted against other racers in a very basic race track in the Practice Mode. The results and scores, however, will NOT count.

Once you think you are ready for the BIG leagues, it's time to race for REAL! On the starting game screen and menu, just click Race. There are different tracks to choose from... and each of them gets harder than the one before it. All of the tracks, except for the very first one, are locked.

To unlock and race on these locked tracks, you need to finish the current race track with the HIGHEST score / TOP position. Believe me, this is not an easy to task to accomplish... especially when you realize that you are racing against precision and computer-driven racers that hardly make mistakes in the road.

Now, if you just want to pull off tricks instead and spend the rest of the day drifting, the Trick Attack Mode is the option to go for. Checking out the tracks, you may think that they are easier to drive on compared to the tracks on the Race Mode. BUT once you enter a Trick Attack Mode, it's a different story. The tracks are filled with road hazards that you need to pass through. And, as the game's name suggests, the more you drift in this game, the higher your score gets.

Summing things up, this is NOT one of your Gran Turismo-style of car games. Nah, far from it, it's not as good looking, the upgrade and customization options are not as extensive, and those are just to name a few. HOWEVER, if you want a car game that's simple and straightforward to play, one that is ready within just a few clicks, a car game that doesn't take forever to finish, then dig in! I'm sure you will love King Of Drift.