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Knugg Rally Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Skid using 'space'. Fire rocket using 'r'. Activate turbing using 't'. Turn gently using 'e'.

Knugg Rally Walkthrough

Knugg Rally is an entertaining and addictive car game that takes the basic premise most online car games use and builds on it; adding all sorts of extra features that make it stand out from the competition. The game itself is actually pretty short. The race consists of three circuits with different races making up those circuits but all three have different types of terrain that ensure things stay interesting from start to finish. That can be a very real problem with many of the other car games online. They're fun but only for a while. By the time you get to the end, you're bored of the game. That isn't the case here. You enjoy it the whole way through which is perhaps one of the biggest selling points of the game. At the same time, you can play over and over again to try to get a higher score and still feel entertained. Definitely an addictive game.

The basic goal of Knugg Rally is pretty easy to understand. You need to get your car around the track as fast as you can in hopes of coming in first. As with most of the car games online that focus on racing, in order to unlock new tracks and progress in the game, you need to come in first in your races. More experienced players aren't going to have a lot of trouble with that although it will offer enough of a challenge to be entertaining. Newcomers are going to have a much harder time with this one though. It can be extremely difficult to keep your vehicle under control. The tracks are narrow and, unlike other racing car games, hitting the sides of the track will pretty much stop you dead. You'll need to back up and turn either to the left or the right to get you back in the race but you have to be careful. You don't want to simply end up getting away from one wall only to find yourself stuck against another one.

Rockets are a fairly unique feature in Knugg Rally and can either help your performance or hurt it depending on who is firing the rockets. Rockets pause the car that they hit briefly giving the shooter time to get ahead. It isn't a long pause, but if you hit your opponent with one, that brief pause could be all you need to take the race. Unfortunately, your opponents can also use rockets. You need to be aware of that so you can avoid rockets being fired at you if at all possible. While you can really take advantage of a momentary pause to get ahead your opponent can as well. Avoiding that is important. You also need to be extremely careful when going over ramps. If you don't land on the track after catching air off a ramp, you're going to have to wait a moment for the game to put you back where you need to be. It doesn't take long but it takes long enough that you can definitely lose a lot of ground in the race.

You have the choice of five different cars - each offering its own strengths and weaknesses. Look at the overall benefits and weaknesses of each car instead of focusing on just one thing. Faster cars are generally harder to control. That probably won't be much of an issue for those who have experience with online car games but newcomers are going to want to choose a car with a little less speed, at least until they're used to how the game is playing and understand what it takes to keep the car under control. There are turbo boosts you can collect that can give you the ability to use turbo to increase your speed. It isn't entirely necessary to do so though, in all honesty. You can beat the game without ever using turbo. It gives you a good jolt though and more experienced players may really appreciate that.

There are three power ups you can collect in Knugg Rally to help you improve your performance. This isn't really all that unusual in the world on online car games but these ones are a little more unique. In place of the normal speed, health and points bonuses, you get rocket bonuses, turbo bonuses and Knugg bonuses. Knugg bonuses are little symbols that look a little like small blue suns. Collecting one of these will give you 250 bonus Knuggs. The turbo bonuses look like car batteries with lightening bolts on them. Collecting one of these will give you a turbo boost. Finally, rockets look like, well, rockets and collecting one of those will give you a boost to your rockets. All three bonuses can definitely give you a great boost in the score department and can help you improve your overall performance in the game.

The scoring in Knugg Rally is a little more complex than the scoring in most of the other car games online. You aren't scored simply on your time, what position you finish in a race or how many actions you complete correctly. Instead, the scoring is based on several different things. If you come in first place, you get 1,000 points. You get 100 points for every checkpoint you reach. If you hit an opponent with a rocket you get 250 points per hit. Any extra rockets and turbos will earn you 100 points each and of course, there are the Knugg bonuses I mentioned above. All of those things are added together to give you your final score. For most, the scoring won't really be a big deal but for newcomers to car games or racing games, understanding what they need to do to get a good score might be a little complex. They'll get the hang of it though.

Overall, Knugg Rally is a fairly difficult car game that offers a lot in terms of little extra features to set it apart from the competition. The graphics aren't groundbreaking but they are entertaining and fun to look at. Although this car game follows a fairly simple premise and there really isn't anything complicated about it, it managed to be addictive and engrossing. This is one of the rare car games that proves less is more, even while offering things that most of the other car games online don't offer. Newcomers will struggle this one but will want to stick with it. Even if you're not winning races you'll still be having fun. Besides, with experience comes skill. You'll learn how to control your car a little more each time you play and eventually, even newcomers will be able to come out on top with this one.