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Lil Racerz Instructions

Accelerate using 'w' or the up arrow key. Brake using 's' or the down arrow key. Steer left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Steer right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Hit 'space' for nitro.

Lil Racerz Walkthrough

Lil Racerz is the sort of car game fans of the genre are going to absolutely love. It starts off with a really basic race in which your objective is simply to get the car around the track successfully. Consider this the training level. This race offers you the chance to get used to the controls and will help you understand what the game is asking of you without the added pressure of having to deal with other cars on the track. The biggest challenge in this game is keeping your car on the track while still moving quickly. It's about balancing control and speed and for newcomers to the online car game genre, finding that balance isn't going to be easy. The opening level really gives you the chance to prepare yourself for the more difficult challenges posed in the actual races.

Once you've completed the training track in Lil Racerz, you'll move on to the harder tracks. Not only are the tracks harder because there are more twist and turns but they're also harder because you'll have to deal with other cars and more obstacles along the sides of the track. You need to be careful to avoid the obstacles on the sides of the track because hitting one will definitely slow you down and allow the other cars a chance to pass you. Winning the race means unlocking a new car and a new track. That's definitely something you want to happen. There are a lot of great cars in the game and each new track really ups the difficulty level. Even if you can't win the race the first few times through, you will be able to conquer it eventually as long as you stick with it.

Aside from new and improved cars, Lil Racerz also offers nitro boosts to help you enhance your game performance. If you want to win races, you're going to need to use those nitro boosts to keep up with the cars you're competing against. Nitro boosts aren't terribly uncommon in the world of online car games so more experienced players are probably going to be pretty familiar with how they're used but newcomers may struggle a bit. Your nitro boosts (indicated by the flame icons at the bottom left of the screen) will give you a significant boost in speed but that increased speed will also make it more difficult to keep your car under control. Use those boosts wisely. Try to only use them when there is an extended straight stretch in the track or when there is a more gentle curve to make things a little easier on yourself. Keep an eye on the mini map to decide when you would most benefit from a little extra speed.

As with most of the other car games online, learning how to take corners is important in Lil Racerz. As you progress, the tracks get more difficult to navigate and you'll have to deal with far more twists and turns. If you're not good with corners, you're going to have a hard time with some of those later tracks. This is, of course, why it's better to avoid using your nitro boosts on sharp turns. It's a good idea to back off on the speed when you approach a turn, only tapping the accelerator to keep you moving at a decent rate but not giving you quite enough speed to make controlling the car impossible. While slowing down in a race might seem counter productive it will keep you on the track and help you avoid those nasty obstacles on the sides of the track. Smashing into obstacles won't destroy your car but it will definitely make it much harder for you to win the race.

The key to doing well in Lil Racerz is patience; especially for those who are new to the online car game genre. This one can definitely be frustrating but getting frustrated will make you careless. In this game, as is the case with most car games, you need to focus on keeping your car under control if you want to win races. There is really no specific trick that will make that easier for you. If you have experience with online car games you're probably going to find this one a bit on the simple side through the first few races but someone with no experience in the genre is going to find it challenging from the start. With that said, newcomers will get better as they play. This game definitely rewards experience so keep playing. Your skills will improve with time.

Overall, Lil Racerz is the kind of car game fans of the genre - regardless of skill or experience level - will love to play. It's challenging enough to keep experienced players entertained but no so difficult newcomers won't be able to enjoy it as well. Nothing beats experience in this one though. The more familiar you are with how to control a car in an online car game the easier this game will be. Stick with it. As you play you'll hone your skills, making it not only easier for you to perform well in this specific car game but other online car games as well. If you're a fan of the genre, this is a game you have to put on your 'must play' list.