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Micro Racers 2 Instructions

The controls for Micro Racers 2 are very straightforward...very typical of most car games. Just make sure your keyboard's arrow keys are working and you are good to go. Hit the up directional key to accelerate forward, left and right for steering, and hit the down directional key to slow down and brake in case there's a wall straight ahead. When you are nearing the finish line and you are neck to neck against a good racer, press space bar for that Nitro Boost and sudden rush of speed.

Micro Racers 2 Walkthrough

Micro Racers 2 - what a very apt name! Well, you really are racing with a micro car and a micro race track. Matter of fact, they are so 'micro' you can see the whole racing track and the cars (the game showcases an aerial perspective). This is a nice breathe of fresh air since you can prepare for the twists and turns ahead...which somehow makes this game a lot easier.

Micro Racers 2 has 3 racing modes - (1) Championship Mode (2) Challenge Mode and (3) Trial Mode. The championship mode is for those who are a little more competitive than the rest. The idea in this mode is to finish first in all of the tracks and be declared the champion.

The challenge mode, on the other hand, lets you pick any of the 4 race tracks. The challenge is to finish first (are you surprised about the challenge?).

And for those of you who are new to online car games, whose fingers and reflexes are not as good yet, then the Trial Mode is a must try. As the name suggests, you can try out every car and every race track in this game mode so you can get a feel for the game. No pressures, no challenges - just finish the laps and have fun.

Oh! By the way, in all of the game modes (except the championship mode where you only have one track to race at the start), everything - the cars and race tracks, is unlocked. At the beginning of the game, whichever mode you choose, you need to pick a car.

There's the green one, red, violet (if my eye serves me right), and a yellow racing car to choose from. Each of these cars have a speed of 5 - so it all boils down to 2 other factors (1) their steering power and (2) the Nitro Boost. Some of the cars suck in steering BUT have powerful nitros. Other, though, have a relatively weaker nitro BUT works very smoothly in steering.

Here's a tip: the violet car, I believe, is the MOST balanced of them all. Also, don't be attracted too much with the powerful nitros of other cars since most of the tracks in this mini car game are curvy. That nitro won't be of great use unless you and your car can steer well.

Overall, I like Micro Racers 2 - if you are looking for car games that doesn't require a lot of commitment and playing (no setups, no buying of parts, no upgrades), then this should help you keep boredom at bay. I really like the aerial perspective and I'm sure you will too...or at least find it cute.