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Mini GP Instructions

Mini GP is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the left and right arrow keys steer, and the down arrow key brakes and reverses.

Mini GP Walkthrough

Mini GP is a racing game reminiscent of the Micro Machines racing games for Game Boy and NES. This car game features excellent graphics, detailed backgrounds, customizable vehicles, and thrilling gameplay!

Mini GP features two game modes: Grand Prix and Practice. Practice mode allows you to select from one of five tracks in a single race against seven computer-controlled opponents. Before the race, you may customize your car by allocating points to the three characteristics. Speed determines your top speed, acceleration determines how fast you reach your top speed, and handling determines how your car performs when turning. If you are new to this car game, I advise you to apply three points to handling, two points to top speed, and one point to acceleration.

Grand Prix mode puts you in a racing circuit that spans all five tracks. If you are new to this racing game, I suggest that you choose the Amateur difficulty, since the computer-controlled racers will be slower and easier to beat. Without a souped-up car, it is nearly impossible to defeat the AI on the Pro difficulty level! In each race, you will have to place in either first, second, or this to advance to the next race.

When driving in Mini GP, be sure not to fall off of the track. If you fall off of the track or drive outside of the track's boundaries for too long, the game will set you back on the track slightly behind where you were. This prevents you from taking shortcuts, and also gives your opponents an easy opportunity to pass you. The computer must also play by the rules in this car game, however, because if they fall off of the track their position will also be reset, allowing you to pass them!

When the race first starts, try to stay ahead of the pack or at least in the top three positions. Once you have lost the lead, it is extremely difficult to gain it back, even in Practice mode and the Amateur difficulty level of the Grand Prix! There is no nitro boost in Mini GP, so there is no easy way to catch up once you have fallen behind.

Mini GP is a solid car game, but it does have a bug. I noticed that if you decide to begin the Grand Prix after playing Practice mode, your car will behave strangely and will be difficult to control and sometimes fall of of the track even though you are clearly driving on a proper surface. In order to resolve this problem, click on "Restart Race" in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Mini GP is a challenging and addicting racing game that fans of the genre are sure to love. The unique race tracks, excellent graphics, and enticing gameplay make Mini GP a car game experience that should not be missed!