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Mini Nitros Instructions

Mini Nitros is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The up arrow key is used to accelerate and the down arrow key is used to brake and to reverse. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. The spacebar is used to activate your nitro boost. The mouse is used to click and drag points to the statistics of your car on the workshop screen.

Mini Nitros Walkthrough

Mini Nitros is a car game that puts you in the wheel of a Mini Cooper. This driving game features four different tracks, colorful graphics, and four different tracks to speed on.

The objective of Mini Nitros is to complete a single lap on each of the four tracks in as little time as possible. There is no time limit. You do not have to worry about racing against any opponents in this car game; the challenge here is simply to complete the track as fast as you possibly can!

When you first start Mini Nitros, you are given the opportunity to choose the color of the car you want to drive and to modify its attributes. The color of your car does not matter as all of the vehicles share the same attributes. To change the attributes of your vehicle, click and drag the right-most gold square from one attribute to the right-most empty square of another. In my opinion, the default settings are excellent, but you may want to tweak these to find the right settings for you. Sadly, there is no way to earn more upgrade points in this car game, so you will have to sacrifice one characteristic to increase another.

When driving, try your best to stay on the track. You do not take damage in this driving game, but driving off of the track will slow you down. Try to make tight turns on the inside of the track to reduce your distance and better your time. Finally, when using nitro boosts, you should do so on straight segments of the track. Boosting on a turn is a great way to run off of the track, and should be avoided.

When you complete a track in Mini Nitros, playing the track again will pit you in a mock race against a ghost image of your best lap. This is not an actual race, but allows you to visualize your performance and to challenge yourself.

Mini Nitros is a fun driving game that lets you compete against yourself. It would have been a nice addition had the developers included computer-controlled opponents, but this car game still provides challenging entertainment.