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Mini Toy Car Racing Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

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Mini Toy Car Racing is an entertaining, addictive and adorable car game that fans of car games will absolutely love. It takes the basic premise most online car games are based on and jazzes it up with fun graphics and an easy to understand yet difficult to obtain goal. All you have to do is race around the always interesting obstacles that compose the track as fast as possible. The best time for the track is shown at the top right of the screen. Your time is shown at the top left. Your goal is to make it to the checkered finish line faster than the best time for that track. In the beginning, that's pretty easy but as you progress, things get much more difficult. That's what makes the game so much fun.

Unlike the vast majority of the other car games online, Mini Toy Car Racing focuses on making the game interesting but uncomplicated. There are no upgrades, no powerups, no bonuses and no complex rules. The factor that really sets this car game apart from the competition, however, is the design of the tracks. Most car games that focus on racing put you on actual race tracks or on the highway. That isn't the case with this one. Instead, you're racing a mini toy car (hence the name of the game) around a race track build out of pencils, staples, paper clips, clothes pins, silverware, cups and just about anything else you would expect to find on a desk or a dining table. It's really a small difference in the grand scheme of things but the design of the track really makes the game feel more appealing. It feels fresh and new even if the game itself really isn't all that different from most of the other racing based car games online.

There are actually only three tracks in Mini Toy Car Racing but you race on those tracks repeatedly. Each time you race a particular track the 'best time' is reduced so you have less time to successfully complete the track. If you fail to beat the best time, your game is over. That's where the real challenge comes in. There are fifteen levels in total but by the time you reach ten, you're really starting to feel the difficulty level increasing. Experienced players are really going to appreciate that but newcomers are really going to struggle. Stick with it though. This is a game that can be beaten. You just need to be patient with it. You will get there.

The best way to do well in Mini Toy Car Racing is to just be patient and stick with it. Although it can be frustrating to get all the way to one of the last levels, fail and have to start over, you're gaining valuable experience each time you race a track. You get to know the track better. You learn where the twists and turns are and you can anticipate them better. The biggest challenge most newcomers to car games will face with this game is keeping their car under control and away from the obstacles on the side of the track. Those obstacles not only slow you down but if you do enough damage, your car will be destroyed. Luckily, you don't have to start over from the first level if your car is destroyed. You just start from the beginning of the level your on. Sometimes that can even be a good thing; allowing you to try for a better time than you had before you car was destroyed and have a better chance at beating the best time.

Overall, Mini Toy Car Racing is the kind of car game that appeals to a lot of different game fans. It isn't just for fans of car games or racing games but is great for anyone that just likes to be entertained. It isn't a terribly long game so you don't have to worry about investing a huge amount of time in it, but don't be surprised if you come back for more after you're already beat the game. It isn't an overly difficult game in the beginning allowing newcomers a chance to get used to what the game is asking of them but it also isn't so easy experienced players will grow bored with it. Basically, it's a good time and is a car game that goes above and beyond to entertain the player. Definitely worth checking out.