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Neon Race Instructions

The controls of Neon Race is pretty straightforward - up for accelerating and forward, left and right for steering, and down arrow key for slowing down and breaking. Once your turbo bar is full, you can use it for maximum speed by pressing X or N. BUT don't the simple controls deceive you. This is one of those car games that are downright addictive and FUN!

Neon Race Walkthrough

Coming with 8 increasingly difficult tracks to race on where you need to finish the race within the time limit to unlock the next one, Neon Race is one of those car games that will keep you busy for the LONG hours to come! And the name is very apt to as everything in this game, the road, road hazards, cars, trucks, and everything else in between is NEON. Yes, they are glow in the dark, which is partly what made me try out the game.

Upgrades - you can't live without them in Neon Race, especially in the later stages where stability and speed will decided if you are going to finish the game successfully. Finish the game and you can unlock the Super Car - this car has all of its stats and upgrades maxed out.

There are 2 types of vehicles you'll come across with - the purple and the red ones. The red ones are 'crashable' so to speak. Crash against them and they will break...PLUS, they will add more points to your turbo bar. Crash enough red cars and your turbo bar will be ready in no time. On the other hand, avoid the purple ones. They will not break and bumping against them will slow you down. Especially in the later stages of the game, the purple cars and trucks can be a pain as they will swerve in the narrow road...causing you to crash against the road hazards on the side which will destroy your car in the process.

There are different bonuses that are scattered along the way - cash, bonus score, and rampage. As far as I'm concerned, the rampage is the most useful as this will turn all of the vehicles to red...for a limited time only though. The best combination is to grab the rampage power up and hit the turbo button - this allows you to set the road on fire as every vehicle in sight makes your turbo or nitro last longer.

Some Tips And Tricks: Don't get too caught up with the collection of bonuses and cash. This will only slow you down. The strategy is to finish a race track first to unlock the next one. You can then use the race you've just finished as a cash cow - race through it over and over again, grabbing points and cash bonuses left, right, and center. Rinse and repeat - in no time, you will have enough cash to buy the whole upgrade list.

Also, be careful about using the nitro or boost in the later stages of the game where the road is narrow and simpler terms, it's very easy to get things out of control and slamming on the side of the road. Instead, rely more on the actual top speed and other upgrades for the car.

One of the best looking, exciting, and action packed car games you could every lay your hands on - what more can you ask for? Give Neon Race a shot now and see for yourself.