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New Car Net Racer Instructions

New Car Net Racer is controlled by using the mouse. Your car will follow your mouse cursor. The farther your cursor is from your car, the faster your car will go.

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New Car Net Racer is an extremely difficult racing game with a unique control scheme. This car game features cool graphics, three different modes of play, and challenging gameplay.

New Car Net Racer pits you in a one-on-one race against a computer-controlled opponent. As the red car, your objective is to beat the computer-controlled white car in each race. You may chose to race in a single practice lap, a five-lap race, or a ten-lap race. It should be noted that there is no genuine practice mode that allows you to drive the track without competition in this car game.

New Car Net Racer features a unique control scheme that uses the mouse instead of the typical keyboard controls. Your car will automatically turn to face your mouse, and acceleration is determined by the distance from your car to your mouse cursor. The farther the mouse cursor is from your car, the faster your car will go. These controls may be difficult for new players, but eventually you will get the hang of it. I found this car game to be easier to control than many games like it that use keyboard controls.

New Car Net Racer is a challenging game that can be quite frustrating at times. As is often the case in racing games, the AI has an easier time driving around the track. The controls of this car game makes it easier for human players to drive around the track, but the AI is still at an advantage.

The track mechanics of New Car Net Racer also seem to be off. Driving in the lane that you start in will slow you down as if you were driving outside of the track. In order to drive at full speed, you will have to switch over to the lane that the computer starts in. As you make turns, portions of the track will cause your car to behave as if it were driving off-road. These places are not marked, so you will have to guess and memorize the right locations to drive. The most frustrating aspect of New Car Net Racer, however, is that if you drive off-road for too long (including sections of track that do not register as track) your car will explode! This car game does not feature a damage bar or any indication of when you are in danger of exploding, so this will seem like spontaneous combustion!

New Car Net Racer is a racing game with a great concept, but its bugs can make it very frustrating. I still advise you to give this car game a try, but be warned that you will require lots of patience.