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Orbitrax Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

Orbitrax Walkthrough

Orbitrax is an excellent racing based car game that challenges you to race around a track of your choosing in a car of your choosing in an attempt to come in first. The graphics are surprisingly good for an online car game and the challenge put to you can actually be fairly difficult. Your goal is simply to race around the track as quickly but as carefully as you can so you can come in first in the race. One of the biggest advantages evident right away with this one over many of the other car games online is that you don't actually see the other cars you're racing against. This makes it a lot easier to focus on what you're doing and focus on getting your car around the track.

Orbitrax is far from the most difficult car game online but it is definitely one of the more entertaining ones largely due to the graphics but also because of the challenge the game offers. It's no so hard that newcomers will feel overwhelmed but no so easy that experienced players will be bored. There are bonuses around the track that can help your performance in the game but there are also hazards that will slow you down. The green puddles should be avoided at all costs. Not only do they subtract twenty-five points from your score but they also slow you down. The green baton type items give you a great speed boost that can help you gain ground in the race while the triangle shaped items give you an 'energy' boost. In this game, energy is kind of like your health. Run out of energy and you'll need to wait for your car to be repaired.

There are three different cars you can choose to drive in Orbitrax and all three offer different benefits and weaknesses. When you're at the 'select your car' screen, you can hover over your choices with the mouse to view the stats for those cars. There are two ratings; speed and damage. I would recommend choosing car number two and taking it for a test drive. It's a pretty well balanced car offering decent damage resistance and decent speed. It's a great car for a player of any skill or experience level but it will also allow you to see if one of the other cars would be a better choice. If you're playing with car number two but find that you're running out of energy fairly often and are continually waiting for your car to repair, you should give car number one a try. The lower rate of speed makes it easier to keep the car under control but it also offers excellent damage resistance meaning you won't have to worry about running out of energy nearly as often. You'll still need to work on control to keep yourself out of the corners if you want to win, but you'll at least have the chance to hone your skills instead of spending the bulk of the race waiting for repairs.

If you want to win a race in Orbitrax there is no avoiding the simple truth. You need at least basic racing skills. This game isn't easy and although there are three tracks, there really is no 'easy' option. You can build your skills fairly quickly in this game though because you don't have to worry about colliding with other cars constantly as you would in similar racing based car games. This is a huge benefit for the beginner player. More experienced players might find this one a bit too easy, especially considering there is no real bit payoff for coming in first. You don't unlock any new tracks or any new cars but for some, winning alone will be enough. Experienced players looking for a challenge can try to come in first on all three tracks with all three cars. That's definitely more difficult and should challenge even experienced players.

Overall, Orbitrax is an entertaining and engrossing car game that will hold your interest and keep you playing until you win. You might not go back to this one time after time once you've conquered all three races in all three cars but until you accomplish that goal, this game will definitely keep your attention. Make sure you watch the mini map (in the upper left corner) and keep an eye on your energy meter (on the left side of the screen) if you want to do as good as you can possibly do. The mini map will show you where your closest competition lies and the energy meter will show you how much damage your car can take before it will need repairing. It might not be the hardest car game on the internet but it will certainly keep you playing.