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Getting started and playing Partmaster Mini GP is a painless process. The controls are very user-friendly, and if you have played racing and car games before, you shouldn't have any problem with Partmaster Mini GP. Now, if you haven't, it should only take you a couple of practice runs before you get used to it. Like most car game out there, you will use your keyboard's cursor keys for basic movement: (1) Press up to drive forward and just hold it down to accelerate. (2) The down directional key, on the other hand, is for slowing down and backing up / reverse. (3) The left and right arrow keys, which is used in conjunction with either the up or down arrow key, is for steering or turning into either direction.

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Looking at the flashing and scrolling ads throughout the different parts of the game, there is no doubt that Partmaster Mini GP is one of those car games that are meant not just to entertain BUT to promote as well. Now before you frown at it (most promotional games out there suck as we all know), let me tell you this: this is one of the nicest looking and craziest racing car games I have laid my hands on.

If you are on the hunt for an action packed, fast moving, and mini racing car game, then you have found gold brother! Partmaster Mini GP more than fits the bill. The objective of the game isn't different from other car games found in the internet: there's a track, there is a bunch of racers (you included), you need to race through the track and grab the first place. What's really crazy about it is that you won't race on normal race tracks. What do you think about racing at the office with pens, books, paper clips, etc. on the track? What about racing on the garden, bedroom, lounge, or kitchen? Saying that it's cool is an understatement. Oh! And by the way, it's not just how the tracks look that's crazy... it's how they work that is CRAZIER!

Nah, these tracks are not normal. Do you think you can just pass through gaps of books or folders in the office race track? Nope, you can't do it in this game. Well, technically speaking, you can drive through it BUT you will fall into that bottom-less pit. While it's far from over (you will be taken to the nearest safe point from where you fell), this will set you back A LOT... so much that it's almost impossible to contend for the first spot after such a mistake. Yes folks, the other racers do know what they are doing.

Before the game starts, you will select which game mode you want. There are 2: (1) Cup mode, which requires you to pick a name and an email to register. (2) Mini Grand Prix, which pits you against AI players in 5 different race tracks. I really like how the game is designed - the graphics, colors, looks of the characters, and everything else in between. The hosts that talk before the race begins are nicely done...not to mention the voice over / dubbing is also above average.

In this mini racing car game, speed isn't everything. With a lot of irregularities and weird features of the race tracks, it's crucial that you upgrade your car's statistics in a balanced way. After all, what's the point of accelerating at top speed in a moment's notice when you cannot control your car well to avoid disaster? As I have said, speed ALONE won't get you far. Upgrade and increase your car's handling capabilities, stability, speed, and acceleration depending on your driving skills. For example, if you are more of a speed demon BUT doesn't have good control and handling over your car's movements, you may want to buff its stability and handling capabilities first. If you are the safety-first kind of guy, on the other hand, you may want to buff the acceleration and speed points initially.

Summing things up, this isn't one of your regular promotional racing car games, which usually suck. Nah, far from it. With nice graphics, weird and crazy race tracks you won't find in WRC, and more, Partmaster Mini GP is a racing game you definitely want to lay your hands on!