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Pipol Smasher Instructions

Pipol Smasher is controlled by using the mouse. Click on vehicles to make them go and click on them again to stop them. The R key may be used to restart a level.

Pipol Smasher Walkthrough

Pipol Smasher is a car game that places you in command of vehicles that are tired of being used by humans, so they are out for revenge! Pipol Smasher contains streamlined graphics, simple controls, and thirty challenging levels.

The objective of Pipol Smasher is to do as the name suggests: smash all people on each level! You must also ensure that none of your vehicles fall off of the stage, or you will fail. You may retry a level as many times as necessary to beat it, so failure does not mean game over. Your progress is saved, so you may continue from where you left off if you need a break.

Some levels of Pipol Smasher are straightforward and only require you to start your engine, run people over, then stop at the appropriate time. Other levels are more complex, however, and will require you to use items in the stage to complete your objective. I advise you to experiment in the complex levels of this car game to see how things work, then restart to solve the puzzle once you're figured it out. To restart the current level of this puzzle game, press the R key.

Pipol Smasher does not have a time limit, nor are you scored based on time. For these reasons, it is a good idea to take your time to figure out each level. Be patient to accomplish your goal and to ensure that none of your vehicles fall from the stage!

Pipol Smasher is a unique puzzle game that will challenge your brain as well as satisfy any urges for automobile-induced carnage that you may have. The vehicle revolution has begun in Pipol Smasher! Perhaps this car game is a lesson that we should be kind to our cars, lest they turn on us?