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Reach the Goal Instructions

Reach The Goal, just like other car games found in the internet, is played entirely with your keyboard. There's nothing fancy or complicated as far as controls go: (1) Press the up arrow key to drive forward, hold it down to accelerate, and reach top speeds. (2) On the other hand, pressing the down arrow key puts your car at a full stop. Holding it down, though, drives you car on reverse. (3) As for steering and turning to the left or right, just press either the left or right arrow keys in combination with the up or down arrow keys. In a race, having a nice speed boost (even if it's temporary) is always welcome. Press the D button to trigger the Nitro, it will give you that burst speed boost you need and makes it possible for you to blaze through other racers. If you ever get stuck in the track, just press the R key to reset the car position. You may want the camera to zoom in or out depending on how things are going. To do that, just press the C button until you get the camera view that you are comfortable with. And last BUT not the least, if you want to pause the game for whatever reason, pressing the P button gets the job done. Just hit it again to resume the game. That's about it for the controls; now let's check out the game.

Reach the Goal Walkthrough

Reach The Goal - being a car game, the objective of this game is quite easy to predict. Like most racing games out there, you need to race and compete against others... and if you want to have any shot of unlocking the next levels or scoring high and worthy enough to be posted, you got to finish first place in as many races as possible. It's not an easy task especially when you take in consideration that the AI racers know how to race and make it as hard as it could for you.

When you start the game, you are immediately taken to the car selection screen where... well, naturally, pick the racing car of your choice. All in all, there are 4 cars on show: (1) There's the Blueray, and no it's not the DVD. (2) The Hornet, which doesn't resemble Green Hornet's automobile even the tiniest bit. (3) There's the Poison. (4) And last BUT not the least, there's the Lizard, which is characterized by a green body with stripes of yellow. Each of these cars has their own unique stats and qualities. You can check box on the upper left corner part of the game screen. It will show the Maximum Speed that the car can reach, the time it takes for it to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, and lastly, the power (which is measured in HP). The Blueray is my personal favorite: it has a maximum speed of 289 kilometers per hour. It takes 1.20 seconds to go into 100kph, and it has a power reading of 478 HP.

After picking the car of your choice, you need to pick the level of difficulty. There are only 2: medium and difficult (I wonder why the easy was omitted from the selection). I think this is quite self explanatory. If you are a car games newbie, steer clear from the Difficult level unless you love getting spanked and eating dust on the race track.

When you are all set, hit the Play button. The tracks in this game are quite challenging. Not only are the tracks long (which means more chances to go wrong), they are also filled with twists and turns that even experienced and veteran racing / car games players would sweat. Just some reminders and tips from someone who ate dust more than a couple of times: (1) Keep an eye on the road signs. It will tell you if there's a sudden right / left turn ahead, allowing you to gear yourself up before you get there. (2) Do NOT get off of the track. Doing so slows you down to a turtle... and when you are up against precision drivers, this is a surefire way to lose the race.

As for the other aspects like graphics, sound track, etc. of Reach The Goal, they may not be the best BUT they are above average. Bottom line, if you are on the hunt for car games that are challenging, one that offers you some nice customization options, and comes with above average graphics, sound track, etc., then "Reach The Goal" would be it. Give it a shot and see what I am talking about.