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Replay Racer 2 Instructions

The controls of Replay Racer is straightforward just like most car games out there. You need to use the directional keys for driving and maneuvering: (1) up arrow key for driving forward and acceleration (2) left and right arrow keys for steering (3) and to slow down and pull the hand brakes, use the space bar. This is especially useful when you are driving through sharp twists and turns. Let's check out the game...

Replay Racer 2 Walkthrough

Replay Racer 2 - while this is NOT one of the most exciting car games around, it definitely has one of the MORE interesting game plays. Instead of being pitted against AI driven racers or other players from the internet, you need to race against a replay. YES, you have read that right - you will race against a replay.

First off, you need to drive through a track in 2 laps to finish it. Do it as quickly as you can. This will then be recorded as your personal best. Next, you can choose to race against your personal best or have a challenging replay instead to race against. When you pick racing against your personal best, you will go through the same track again...BUT this time, you will see a hazy version of your car driving through the track EXACTLY the way you did on the first run.

Hence the name replay racer. This is one of those car games that literally allows you to race against yourself. BUT mind you, since you are pitted against someone who really isn't there (you just see the racer and how he drives...BUT he's intangible) the usual racing tricks - ramming yourself against opponents, overtaking and slowing him down by blocking his way, and everything else in between, doesn't work here.

This game is a real test of driving skill, not who knows a bag dirty tricks. If you are quite tired and bored of beating your personal best, you can choose a challenging replay instead. And believe me, choosing this option is REALLY challenging and you can easily find yourself being left in the dust by the replay racer.

As for the excitement level, this doesn't belong in the top 10 or top 5 of the car games genre. BUT it has enough twists and interesting features that gives it excellent replay value. It may not keep you on the edge of your seats BUT it will surely stave off boredom during a stale afternoon. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.