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Retro Rally Instructions

Perhaps you are accustomed to car games where you just need to use the arrow keys for the basic car movement, and maybe some buttons for the nitro boost, for toggling something, etc. Well, if you are, Retro Rally's control scheme would serve as a good change of pace. Things are made even easier for this car game. All you need to do is use your mouse's cursor to the right direction. The car will follow without any hiccups. While this may tempt you to think that this is one of those car games that are as easy as pie, don't be. Things can get quite challenging in Retro Rally.

Retro Rally Walkthrough

Being one of the few mouse-controlled car games found in the internet, playing Retro Rally shouldn't be too difficult. The mechanics of the car's movement is easy to pick up: (1) Pull your cursor as far away as you can (2) and the car will move faster. Of course, there are a couple of things you will encounter in the race track like those orange balls or gasoline packs (more on that later).

As for the goal or objective, it's quite beaten-down actually: race against the AI opponents, hit the top speed and set the race track on fire, bag the first place and you get to move on to the next level. While the tracks and opponents get harder and harder to beat, what you need to do, basically, stays the same. Rinse and repeat!

See those orange balls scattered all over the place? Those are gasoline packs. Believe me, you want to get as many of those as possible (without compromising your position in the race track, of course). These gasoline packs give your car a temporary BUT awesome speed boost. Needless to say, hitting blazing speeds during a race is MOST welcome. Not only will it put you ahead of the competition, grabbing a gasoline boost (or your failure to do so) when you are nearing the finish line could make or break your hopes of finishing at the top spot.

Well, if you are looking for strategies, tips, and tactics for playing this car game, well... to be honest, you don't need one. There's NOT a lot to say about this game when it comes to strategy or tactics. This is one of those car games that you play when you have a couple of idle minutes... times when you have nothing else to do and boredom starts to creep in. After 5 minutes of playing, you can set it aside and go back to it later when you feel like it. YES, this is a car game meant to entertain when you need it.

The graphics and design, especially, is very appealing and pleasing to the eye. With 3D graphics, there is NO doubt that this is way better than your average arcade-style racing games in 2 dimensional design. The sound effects and, of course, control scheme (which is as easy as pie to handle) are all nice, too.

HOWEVER, I can't help BUT feel that the creators of Retro Rally sacrificed gaming experience for aesthetic pleasure. What am I talking about? Well, let's NOT beat around the bush: the game is awfully SLOW! I think it's all because of the 'nice' design that the racing cars move more like a turtle instead of speed machines! Well, some of you may argue that it's a LOT easier to control the car and win the races if it's slow. True, that indeed is the case, BUT that is NOT the point!

The reason why we play racing and car games is to have fun. And when racing car games are slow, they are NOT FUN! No matter how you look at it, it's not exciting... it won't drive you on the edge of your seats. You may be able to win more races, BUT I would bet that you will go to your bedroom soon after.

While it's one of those made-to-entertain car games, it fell a little short because of the game's sluggishness. It's almost there BUT not quite. HOWEVER, if you think you can put up with the slowness for the sake of playing a car game that looks good (really good if I may add), then go ahead and dig in.