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Road of the Dead Instructions

The default controls of Road Of The Dead is very similar to most car games: use the W, A, S, and D buttons to accelerate, slow down, and steer. For braking (especially when you are about to hit those innocent people), just hit the Space Bar button. Hit the E button to toot your horn. Press the R button to turn on your wipers and get rid of those blood splattered all over your car's front mirror. By the way, you can use the Road Points (that's RP for short) you have earned for upgrades. You earn Road Points for hitting zombies and making progress. HOWEVER, when you hit civilians who are running for their lives just like you do, you lose RPs. By the way, when you get blown up or marauded by those zombies, you can continue from the last checkpoint you have reached. You also get to keep any Road Points you have earned until you get obliterated.

Road of the Dead Walkthrough

The undead, the zombies have risen and they are now walking towards the city. To make matters worse, the army has locked down the city. If you are looking for exciting, bloody car games filled with zombies from left, right, and center, Road Of The Dead is one of your best bets.

Created by EvilDog and SickDeathFriend, you play as a mechanic who has made up his get out of the city and ignore the city radio's warning to stay indoors with the zombie outbreak. He's rushing for the city's limits. He knows that help isn't coming. The problem is, the army isn't very happy about this attempt of yours to escape quarantine. Containment of the threat is the number one priority of the army in cases like this.

With that in mind, you need to be ready to run over and deal not just with zombies BUT with armed resistance as well. Get rid of everything that's littering along the way - zombies, vehicles in the highway, soldiers, and everything else in between. This is one of those car games that will surely satisfy your craving for zombies and irresponsible driving!

When you accidentally run down sprinting civilians in front of you, you lose points. BUT the dark and not so nice side in me finds in funny when they shriek for you to stop and help them. And when you hear Our Hero say: "I'm going to need mad skillz to get out of this" in a dead and flat serious tone, you just have to laugh. There is one downside in this game though: the game play and scenery is repetitive. True, there are a LOT of obstacles along the way. BUT after you have played it long enough, it's easy to realize that it's just a straight stretch of road with no turns, no twists, no variations, nothing whatsoever.

All in all, however, this is one of the best car games out there especially if you are someone who loves fast cars and squishy bodies. HOWEVER, I'm sure adding AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" over the radio, or the Scissor Sister's "I Can't Decide" would not harm the game's reputation. Don't you just love the sound of the apocalypse? :D