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Rocket Car Instructions

The controls for Rocket Car are very standard like most car games out there. To move your rocket car to the right direction, just use your keyboard's arrow keys: (1) Press up to fly upwards. (2) To move to the left or right, just press the corresponding arrow keys. (3) To move down, just press the down directional key. Now that the controls are dealt with, let's see what this car game has to offer.

Rocket Car Walkthrough

A good combination of puzzle game elements and car games genre - this is Rocket Car. The objective of the game is pretty easy to understand - see that open door somewhere in the screen? Your job is to get there, move on to the next stage, rinse and repeat until you beat the game. No fancy objectives or added twists. HOWEVER, getting to your goal is not as straightforward.

Yes, just like any respectable puzzle game, Rocket Car can get very tricky. How tricky? Well, let's just say whatever evil force is within the game, they won't let you get to the rendezvous point that easily. Anything you encounter, which moves, will kill you. Spikes, moving black bars, fire balls, mines, etc. - one slight collision with these and BAM! You are toasted. And let's not forget: the eternal pit! Once you fall into this pit, the level is over and you have to start again.

HOWEVER, there are a couple of items scattered along the way that will help ease the, otherwise, insurmountable task of making it to the other side in one piece. See those red balls? Those are rocket fuel for your car. Grab as many of these as you can. Can you see that bar at the bottommost part of the screen? It will slowly get filled with the red bar, which serves as an indicator of how much 'air-time' you get for your rocket fuel.

Also, I want to point out that grabbing these red rocket fuel balls is NOT a privilege, it's a necessity! The amount of rocket-boost you get from ALL of the red balls scattered all over the level is just about enough to get you to safety. Waste a precious second or two and it could mean the difference between getting to the next level... or being an inch short and falling to the eternal pit.

Also, you will find these golden rocket fuel bars. They are 10 times better than your average red rocket fuel balls. While you need many red balls to fill up your rocket fuel bar, a single golden ball gets the job done right away.

The downside, HOWEVER, is that it's only temporary. The moment you grab the golden rocket fuel ball and its effects are activated, shoot your rocket car upwards and start maneuvering it. Again, wasted time could mean a free downward ride to the endless pit.

The difficulty of the levels ramp up quite well. The first 3 stages are more of an introduction on how the game works (which does a lot better in teaching than a HUGE wall of text).

A personal note, however, it took me like 4 or 5 times to get past the 3rd stage. From what I have heard, a lot of players of car games get stuck in this level...unable to see the dawn and what the harder and more challenging levels have to offer.

A car game that makes the player on the third stage - now, that's NOT something you see every day. This game requires a good combination of reflexes and finger-speed, problem solving, and a HUGE need for serious doses of fun. Challenging, easy to play, and A LOT of fun - this is Rocket Car.

Oh, before you leave, just in case you get stuck in any of the levels, just hit the Reset Button. That should restart the level. Don't be shy, nobody will know how many times you 'raped' the Reset button. Anyway, enough chit-chatting. Talking isn't a lot of fun you see. Driving a rocket car, making it fly, and maneuvering it to safety, on the other hand, will drive you on the edge of your seats with your eyes glued on the screen!