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Rocket Car 2 Instructions

If you have played Rocket Car before, or any of the keyboard-controlled car games out there for that matter, then the controls of Rocket Car 2 should be very familiar to you. No finger-twisting key combinations or mind-boggling controls. All you need to use is your keyboard's directional keys: (1) Up to take your Rocket Car in mid air. (2) The left and right directional keys, on the other hand, are for going to these directions. You will find using these keys for the most part, whether you are in mid air or on the ground. (3) Last BUT not the least, pressing down will is for deactivating your rocket or moving down (not a very smart idea while you are in the middle of a jump). Anyway, with the control scheme taken care of, let's see what this car game brings to the table and if it's worth spending time on.

Rocket Car 2 Walkthrough

So you have played the previous installment, Rocket Car? Got hooked to it? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in for a treat! This is Rocket Cars 2. Bringing you the same fun elements of puzzle games and car games like the first game did, this game will have you glued on your computer monitors and seats in no time.

Whether you are looking for fast paced car games, games that will get your creative juices flowing, and something in between, this is a game you sure want to look at. Contrary to most average car games out there, speed isn't everything in this game. True, the objective is pretty easy to understand: get to the door on the other side of the screen and move on to the next level... rinse and repeat. HOWEVER, pulling that off requires something more than speed - good decision making, fast fingers and reflexes, precision driving, and those are just to name a few.

Instead of racing on a usual race track, you need to deal with platforms suspended in mid air. Sometimes, to make a level MORE challenging, these platforms are moving up and down or to and fro, and you need to excellently time your jumps to make it to the other side. HOWEVER, that's not all. You will find a lot of traps. How will you recognize a trap? Here's a good rule: if it moves, do NOT touch it. A slight collision will send your car crashing down. When that happens (or if you fall to the endless pit below), you need to restart the level.

But here's something to help you. Just like in the first installment of this car game, you will find those rocket fuel balls that will fill your fuel tank (if you get the right amount of fuel balls). Your fuel tank indicates how much fuel you have to keep your rocket car airborne. Lay your hands on as many rocket fuel balls as possible. Failure to do so has harsh consequences... and I have learned that the hard way.

One fine addition in the game is the set of boss battles which happen early on in the game. Yes, folks, this is one of those car games that have boss battles (and that's something you don't see every day). You will find the enemy's health on the bottom part of the screen. Whack away at it by bumping your rocket car on the enemy, and once it's down to nothing, you win the match. BUT be careful: these level bosses are quite dangerous. They drop bombs and other hazards - stuff that you should avoid at all costs. HOWEVER, they do drop fuel balls, too! Winning these fights are quite easy once you get the hang of it: (1) avoid the hazardous drops (2) collect the fuel balls from the bosses (3) use the fuel to shoot your rocket car to mid air and hit the boss (4) rinse and repeat until you win.

Summing things up, Rocket Car 2 comes with enough enhancements and new challenges to please the fans of the first game. Not to mention there are new cars to choose from when you start the game. If you are looking for a puzzle-car games hybrid, which injects you serious doses of excitement and fun, this is a game you should take a closer look at.