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Sandstorm Instructions

Car games - usually, their control schemes are very straightforward and uncomplicated. The same thing can be said with this game - Sandstorm. All you need to use are your keyboard's directional keys: (1) press up to start driving forward and accelerate (2) use the left and right directional keys for steering and (3) the down directional key is for slowing down and braking. With that taken care of, let's take a closer look at the game...

Sandstorm Walkthrough

Whether you are looking for something that's fast that requires precise reflexes and lightning speed reaction time, one that's a little relaxed where you can coast to the finish line, or something in between, the car games genre definitely has something in store for you.

Sandstorm is one of those car games that are between the 2 extremes. The objective is pretty easy to pick up: finish the 3 laps for every level as fast as you can and grab credits. The action takes place at a race track in the middle of the desert (hence the name sandstorm). I guess that also explains why the directional buttons are not that responsive. After all, driving in the desert is NOT a piece of cake.

Anyway, as I have said you need to finish all of the 3 laps for a level to finish it...and you need to do so as fast as you can. The faster you finish the level, the greater the credits you earn. What can you do with those credits? Simple - buy upgrades and beef up your desert buggy. Believe me, you're going to need those upgrades especially in the later stages of the game.

The first stage isn't that difficult. It's more of a tutorial actually where you will get in-game tips and tricks while racing through the track. So just take your time, learn as much as you can from the in-game pop ups and tutorials, and gear up for the next stage. The second stage, however, is a different story.

From there onwards, you will go and race against other desert buggies and racers...racers who are so damn good at racing in the desert they will surely leave you behind after a hair-line mistake from your end (not surprising as they are AI driven). Anyway, you need to finish within the first 3 places - first, second, and third, to move on to the next level and gain credits for the race.

If there's something you didn't pick up or understand, you can always go back to the first level and get the instruction you need to play the game. And besides, there's nothing about this game that's really complex...nah, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure things out in Sandstorm.

Summing things up, Sandstorm is one of those car games that are exciting enough to keep your boring afternoons lively BUT not that fast paced to twist your fingers or drive you nuts. Give it a shot...just make sure you give your desert buggy a car wash after the race.