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Sim Taxi 2 Instructions

Sim Taxi 2 - I just love this game (as much as the first one). The controls are very easy and straightforward. Nothing fancy or complex as far as this is concerned. All you have to do is use the arrow or directional keys: (1) up directional keys for acceleration and forward movement (2) down directional keys for reverse and (3) left and right directional keys for steering. Well, if you need to toot your horn and get those pedestrians to step aside to reach you and your passenger's destination, just hit the H button to go "Beep Beep". Oh! One more thing, you've got a radio installed. When your passenger wants to change the radio station or switch it on, just hit the R button and you are all set. As I have said, nothing really complex, which is why I love this car game!

Sim Taxi 2 Walkthrough

Just like its elder brother Sim Taxi, the objective of this car game to live the life of a true taxi driver and have fun doing so. If you are quite tired of those car games where you need to set the race track on fire, slow car games where you need to park your car and be careful like a turtle, Sim Taxi and Sim Taxi 2 will give your gaming afternoons a breath of fresh air.

These car games are somewhere in between the extremes I have mentioned above - there's no need to set the road ablaze BUT you also have to be fast enough to satisfy your passengers and get him to his destination without any hassle or damage to your taxi. So you have spotted a passenger just around the corner? Good! Don't skip a beat and take him in. He will tell you where he needs to go. Be all ears and off you go. Once you get to his destination, just drop him there and you will be greatly rewarded.

With what? With cash of course! After all, you are a taxi driver to earn money. And in this game, you really have no choice but you accept the cash. There are no options for working on probono. :D Also, you will need the dough for repairs, upgrades, fuel refills, and everything else in between.

Now, you will encounter those passengers who are a little nit picky. They want you to take this route instead of the other one. They may ask you to change the radio station you are listening to or they may ask you to switch it off altogether. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those car games where being stubborn is rewarded. Customers are always right (at least when they pay and give you an extra tip). So treat them to that rap music they are looking for. Take the route they want.

There's one exception though: don't give them your money when they ask you to. Calling the cops is, undoubtedly, the RIGHT way to go.

Racing car games are good as much as parking games and anything else car related. BUT if you want something that's relaxing, something that you can easily coast through playing, Sim Taxi 2 is a game you should check out!