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Slot Car Grand Prix Instructions

Slot Car Grand Prix is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Hold the spacebar or the left mouse button to accelerate, release to decelerate. The escape key is used to restart the race.

Slot Car Grand Prix Walkthrough

Slot Car Grand Prix is a car racing game based on the toy cars of the same name. This car game features crisp graphics, great audio, twenty tracks, and five vehicles to drive.

Slot Car Grand Prix puts you in a one-on-one race against a computer-controlled opponent. Your objective in this racing game is to win the race, of course. There are twenty tracks which can be played in any order. This car game features five vehicles to choose from, but only one is available if you do not have a MochiGames account. You can also unlock additional content using MochiCoins. All content and cars that you unlock will be saved to your MochiGames account, assuming that you have one and log into it.

Slot Car Grand Prix features a simple control scheme. Unlike other racing games, you only control the acceleration of your car, similar to actual slot cars. To accelerate, hold down the left mouse button or the spacebar. If you wish to slow down, simply release the button. Your car will automatically drive down the track. Be sure to slow down on curves or your car will drift off of the track, and your opponent will gain a major advantage!

Slot Car Grand Prix is a relatively easy car game. The only control that you need to worry about is managing speed. If you do not have a MochiGames account, it may behoove you to get one. Having access to superior cars will make the game much easier; the default car that you are relegated to if you do not have a MochiGames account is sluggish and has low traction. A MochiGames account is free, and only one car requires you to pay, so it is a good idea to create an account.

Slot Car Grand Prix is a high-paced racing game with simple controls, making it ideal for casual gamers. Be sure to sign up for a MochiGames account if you want to get the most out of this car game!