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Sprint Race 3D Instructions

The controls of Sprint Racer 3D has the blinking word "Standard" on it. It isn't very difficult to pick up. Just like most car games out there, you need to use your keyboard, specifically your directional or arrow keys: (1) Press the up arrow key to move forward, and hold it down to accelerate and reach top speed. (2) The down arrow key, on the other hand, is for toning down your speed. And when it's held down long enough, it puts your car at a full stop. (3) Last BUT not the least, the left and right arrow keys are for steering your car in these directions. That's about it for the controls. Onto the game!

Sprint Race 3D Walkthrough

Car games, in my opinion, are divided into several classes. There are the serious car games, ones that have a lot of bells, whistles, upgrade options, and more. Usually, it's these games that get A LOT of thumbs up from gamers and the genre's enthusiasts. They are the ones who make it to the top 10 or top 20 lists of popular online game websites.

Next, there are hybrid car games. These are games that take some nice elements from other genres. There are puzzle-like car games where you are dropped into some labyrinth; these are games where good decision making is just as important as fast fingers and reflexes. Also, there are drawing-car games where you need to draw the path for your car, and get it to the finish line. These games are very interesting, and just like the former; they also get their share of followers.

Last BUT not the least, there are generic car games. The objectives are all the same. You need to get to the finish line and there are obstacles along the way. These are the sort of car games that you can play when you have 5 minutes left of your office break, and you have nothing else to do. These are the car games that you can always leave and go back to.

This game - Sprint Race 3D falls in the category above. There's nothing special or unique about this game, BUT it's good enough to keep you at your wits when boredom is starting to take its toll. The goal is the same with other car games: there's a finish line at the end of a level. Get there before your opponent does. Do that and you win the game, and you get to move on to the next stage.

There are different obstacles along the way. You will find cars moving against your direction. By far, this is the most common and most annoying obstacle in the game. It especially gets even more frustrating when you see that your opponent doesn't have any problems moving past the counter-flowing vehicles... leaving you choking on his dust as he darts for the finish line.

The road or race track itself can get a little hard to deal with. It's squiggly and irregular, which is surprising since you are racing on a regular high-way. Perhaps advanced players of car games won't have any problems with it. BUT for not-so-adept drivers like me, the race track can be very stressful.

When you go beyond the boundaries of the race track or high-way, you are automatically brought to the right spot. This is a nice plus for newbies, BUT for advanced car racers, it may feel like the game challenge is being watered down. Yeah, Sprint Racer 3D can get really dull for some.

The only thing that sets Sprint Racer 3D from other car games out there is the graphics and design. Judging from its name, everything in this game - the cars, the trees, and the infrastructure around the area... EVERYTHING is in 3D. It certainly looks a lot better than your average 2D and arcade-like car games. HOWEVER, it's not spectacular in that department, too. It's better than the rest, BUT not by a mile. I can't help BUT think that this is some version of another racing and car game: Polygon Racing 3D.

If you are looking for car games that you can always play when you have free time, set to the side when you are busy, and go back to again when you've got some free minutes to spend, Sprint Racer 3D is one of them. Not spectacular, BUT good enough for some. Try it and you may like it.