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Stunt Crazy Instructions

If you have played car games before, then playing Stunt Crazy should be a piece of cake. Just like other games within the niche / genre, you will use your arrow keys for the most part. If you find that a little awkward, though, you can use the W, A, S, and D buttons. Personally, I use the latter... I find it a lot easier and much more natural. Anyway, with these buttons, you will jump through ramps and parked vehicles; crash into buildings yet make it out alive and unscathed; collect bonuses and explode barrels; in simpler terms, you will do a lot of awesome stuff! There are other buttons of note too by the way: pressing the Z button fires missiles away, destroying one building after another. The X button, on the other hand, fires up a stunt-rocket. This has the power to blast you around the level. And last BUT not the least, pressing C launches the crash bomb, which is very handy when it comes to changing directions within split seconds.

Stunt Crazy Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for car games that EXPLOSIVE, those that toss your car all over the map with one explosion after another, then look no further. It's all here: Stunt Crazy! As the game's name suggests, this is one of those car games that are filled with stunts and comes with high doses of craziness! The objective of the game is quite straightforward: you are a stuntman. Your 'stunt car' is indestructible, and with it, you need to serve the movie industry by pulling off death defying stunts and collecting movie reels to complete a level.

Coming at you with 24 maps and levels that are increasing in difficulty, this is one of those car games that will easily absorb you into its own world and make you play for hours. In each of these levels, you are given a mission... a stunt that you need to complete for a certain movie genre. Now I must stress that you must follow the instructions down to the "T": pull off the stunt for a certain movie genre on a specifically given map if you to be credited for it. Throughout the game, you will collect red, yellow, blue and movie reels. They are scattered in different places within the maps and levels so you better keep your eyes open. By grabbing these goodies, you will gain cash, fame, and points... it all depends on the ultimate box office take. Sheesh, if only attaining fame and cash is as easy as this, I'm sure I have my own mansion and star in Hollywood by now.

Anyway, snapping back to reality, the cash you make can be used to grab upgrades for your car, unlock new levels, or you can use it to create your own customizable stunt-show, which means extra money.

If you are looking for car games that you can pick up and play when you are NOT busy, set to the side when you get bored, and go back again when you want to, then Stunt Crazy may not be for you. I have to warn you, the game comes with a quite steep learning curve. That's especially true with the controls and mechanics department. If you won't take the time to learn the ropes or the ins and outs, then you may not enjoy this game. HOWEVER, once you do get the hang of it, that's when the FUN starts! What made me really dig the game and persevere is its light-hearted tone. The spoofy film names, the stunt descriptions, the newspaper headlines, and more did a good job of driving me nuts and made me roll on the floor laughing. It made the steep learning curve of the game bearable.

Now, make no mistake about it. Doses of sense of humor, no matter how good they are, won't make a bad game good. What it does, HOWEVER, is it injects more fun into the game... which is what a game is supposed to be. It has to be fun. Moreover, in my case, I stuck out the initial awkwardness thanks to the sense of humor of Stunt Crazy. Jumping from a science fiction film, horror, western movie genre, to fantasy and more, now is your chance to fulfill your life-long dream of conquering the movie industry.

Now, I'm not saying the Stunt Crazy is the best car game out there. Nah, far from it. There are balance issues as I have mentioned, and it may not be for everybody. HOWEVER, when it comes to providing pure doses of fun, craziness, and explosions, Stunt Crazy is doing an A+ job! The style, art, and designs are very sleek and pleasing to the eye. I also love the arcade-like and rock tunes playing in the background. The different game modes like the multiplayer and sandbox creation are also excellent additions. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about. Let me just warn you though, this game is EXTREMELY addictive... and once the addiction sets in, it's hard to shake off!