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Super Parking World 2 Instructions

Super Parking World 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys move your car forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys steer. Press the spacebar once you have entered a parking spot.

Super Parking World 2 Walkthrough

Super Parking World 2 is the sequel to the car parking game, Super Parking World. Just like its predecessor, Super Parking World 2 uses music from a Command and Conquer game, this time, Red Alert 2.

Like the first Super Parking World, the objective of Super Parking World 2 is to park the car into the designated parking spot before time runs out. Unlike this car game's predecessor, crashing will not immediately cause you to lose a life; instead, your car will take damage. When your cars health is completely depleted, you will lose a life. If all fives lives are lost, the game will end. This parking game still does not use a save system, so you will have to start from the beginning each time if you lose or play the game later.

Super Parking World 2 uses the same keyboard control scheme of its predecessor. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. The up and down arrow keys drive your car forward and backward. Once you have parked in the designated spot, press the spacebar to complete the level. If you want to quickly finish the level, just get your car in the spot and press the spacebar. If you want to improve your score in this car game, try to improve your accuracy by parking straight and making sure that the entire vehicle is in the spot before pressing the spacebar.

Super Parking World 2 is much more difficult than its predecessor. The layouts of levels are more challenging and the controls seem stiffer than those of the first Super Parking World. Even though a single crash will not cause you to fail the level, it is easy to lose all of your health in a matter of seconds. Caution and precision should be used to avoid crashing, but if you take too long you will fail. Keep practicing until you get the hang of this car game.

If you enjoyed the first Super Parking World and are in for a greater challenge, then give Super Parking World 2 a try. This car game can be quite frustrating, however, and casual gamers will probably enjoy its predecessor over this one.